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Recent content by Ries

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    Birding China

    Can't you just put the directions in your phone's navigation and the voice on Mandarin? Should even be able to use a Chinese navigation app and put in the GPS coordinates. But maybe internet connection is not good in some (a lot?) areas. Don't know; haven't been there, never probably will.
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    Binocular Sightings

    I doubt you'll see trends like that here... (Dutchieland, I see mobile version here doesn't show flags)
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    Binocular Sightings

    I don't busy myself too much by staring at people's apparatus (pun intended) but I do notice the vast majority (experienced and amateurs) here carry Swarovski.
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    New MeoStar B1 Plus Binoculars

    Now that's something to look forward to, nonetheless all the secondhand B1's that will become available gheghe :geek:
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    Trinovid BAs still a 'sweet spot' among Leica binoculars?

    Is my guess about right a 10x42 BN and pre-'15/'16 Meostar HD would perform about the same with regard to brightness and resolution/sharpness, though the latter would probably have a larger sweetspot, less CA on the edges and more field flatness?
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    The insect apocalypse: ‘Our world will grind to a halt without them’

    Thanks for that link, Chosun, nice article! I love insects! This year there are even less insects than last few years, possibly not helped by the cold spring weather. It seems to have picked up a bit now; a bit more butterflies appear (though still fewer than recent years, let alone decades...
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    Ethical optics brands

    Then don't pull the trigger...and just do the hunting...
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    Ethical optics brands

    There's a difference between conservational/ecological motivated hunting and sports hunting (killing for fun), which this article/research (and ones before them) is about. Although one doesn't technically spoken kill with the optics...
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    ~$1000 Binoculars poll

    Oh? I thought there was a B2 coming? Now I got to read if the Air meets up to the B1(.1)! Edit: as I read still a Meostar B2 coming (and Meopro Air not meeting up to the B1 plus) Edit2: here in € the Kowas are around 1000 (1180$), silly currencies
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    ~$1000 Binoculars poll

    Missed this poll, I'd voted "other": Meopta Meostar. And isn't Kowa Genesis around 1000 also?
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    Meopta, Opticron, Kowa.... rival models to the "big three"?

    Kowa Genesis, Meopta Meostar, Nikon EDG
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    How's your 2021 list going?

    Wow, my work drains so much energy that I find myself not only unable to study in the weekday evenings, but also not to get out in nature in the weekends...just too tired. I'm planning on working less, at least next year, maybe earlier, to have the energy to enjoy my hobbies. That will also mean...
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    Grasshoppers of Britain and Western Europe, 11 March '21

    Just as the French didn't include Netherlands, or other countries, in their definition of Western Europe, but just French speaking countries, nor did the British fix that but only added their native English speaking territory. They could've easily included the species range of other Western...
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    Grasshoppers of Britain and Western Europe, 11 March '21

    I've just received this book, and leafing through it, it looks like a really nice elaborate book. The diagrams in the back are great, with even volume symbols for song loudness. One thing, for me as Dutchie, which comes across as weird is that The Netherlands is not included as "Western...
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    Car binos - what are your criteria?

    No car is my criterium.