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Recent content by rka

  1. rka

    Comment by 'rka' in media 'American Flamingo'

    Beautiful shot.
  2. Snail Kite - Female

    Snail Kite - Female

    Snail Kite - Female
  3. rka

    Egret ID from Trinidad

    Thanks all. A couple local experts are considering the possibility of a hybrid together with the possibility of a stained bird.
  4. rka

    Egret ID from Trinidad

    Spotted this morning in the Caroni Rice Fields. Very distinct from all other Egrets in the field with grey neck, plumes and some grey coming through in the underparts and rump areas. If it wasn't for the grey, I would have thought it a Snowy Egret. Any help appreciated.
  5. rka

    Possible Silvered Antbirds? - Trinidad

    Recorded these two clips yesterday morning. Appreciate any thoughts on the IDs
  6. rka

    Cerulean Warblers - Trinidad - ID possible male

    Yes, not many records at all. Other than the returning female, haven't heard of other sightings for the past 2 or 3 years. Believe a different female and a male were spotted in previous years ( one in Tobago).
  7. rka

    Cerulean Warblers - Trinidad - ID possible male

    Hi, A single female has been returning frequently to the same tree in Trinidad for about 3 years. Today again, we saw the female (plate with 3 pics), but then noticed after examining pictures from a couple km away, a possible male (plate with 4 pics). Appreciate if someone can confirm the ID...
  8. Yellow-olive Flycatcher

    Yellow-olive Flycatcher

    Only saw once in a tree at home.
  9. Yellow-olive Flycatcher

    Yellow-olive Flycatcher

    Similar to Yellow-breasted Flycatcher. Was hopping below green leaves with a green cast from the intense sunshine passing through the leaves.
  10. Cerulean Warbler

    Cerulean Warbler

    Always moving, always high up.
  11. Summer Tanager - Immature Male

    Summer Tanager - Immature Male

    Haven't seen one in a while.
  12. rka

    Comment by 'rka' in media 'Southern Scrub-Flycatcher'

    Great capture. Very similar to the Northern Scrub flycarcher in these parts
  13. rka

    Comment by 'rka' in media 'Snail Kite'

    Sweet shot.
  14. Grey-headed Kite

    Grey-headed Kite

    An adult and a juvenile flew by. This is the adult.
  15. Red-breasted Meadowlark

    Red-breasted Meadowlark

    Several seen today