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Recent content by rkj

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    Mystery seabird - California, USA.

    Pigeon Guillemot, at this time of year in that area, would actually be quite unusual and, if present, should show much more white. Common Murre is my best guess, though that should also show more white (though not as much as Pigeon Guillemot). It actually looks more like a Thick-billed Murre...
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    Texas birds that look like sparrows, but walk instead of bouncing. Possibly prairie birds.

    Hard to tell for sure, but Sprague's Pipit has a strongly streaked back that I do not see here and is usually solitary, so a flock of 30 is likely American Pipit.
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    Please help identify - Randolph County, West Virginia

    Looking again, it does seem too brown to be a starling.
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    Please help identify - Randolph County, West Virginia

    Welcome to the forum. I hope someone can help you. A blackish bird with white spots? All I can think of offhand is a European Starling. Whatever it is, at this time of year in West Virginia it would surely be roosting rather than nesting. Nesting implies it has eggs or nestlings - unlikely now...
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    Cassin’s Finch?

    Looks like Cassin's Finch to me - relatively long bill with straight culmen; crisp narrow streaks below.
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    Sparrow ID help - Northern California

    Absolutely correct, a tan-morph White-throated Sparrow. The other is a White-crowned Sparrow.
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    Sparrow ID query

    Quick take: Swamp, Swamp, Song, Savannah (?), pass, Song, Song.
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    Blue-headed / Cassin's Vireo in Mexico

    This is a tough one, but reviewing this article: https://www.surfbirds.com/Features/Solitary_Vireos/identification.html I favor Blue-headed Vireo for your bird.
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    Sonoma county California, ruby crowned kinglet

    I agree the bird perched in the conifer is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but I think the bird at the bird bath is a Hutton's Vireo. Do you have any more photos of the one at the bird bath?
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    Elizabeth, Colorado Assistance in Identification of birds

    Both bill and tail seem to me too small for Great-tailed Grackle - I would suggest this is a Common Grackle.
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    Sparrow ID help; Northern California, USA

    And a Golden-crowned Sparrow in the back, with two different White-crowned Sparrows putting in brief apperances, but perhaps you already knew all that.
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    Hello everybody!

    Welcome to birdforum! I saw one on a lawn like this once, but it is not their common habitat. If I may make a suggestion: if you submit other identification questions, spell out the location. Being a Californian myself I know what SoCal means, but this is an international forum and I think many...
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    Sparrow ID help; Northern California, USA

    Definitely a Lincoln's Sparrow. They are fairly common in Northern California in winter, but not that common at bird feeders.
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    Crow or Raven in San Francisco Bay Area

    Looks like a Common Raven to me, with the loose throat feathers and long bristles along its bill, but I am confused about what I am seeing. Is this bird missing its tail?
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    Seattle, Washington Hawk

    Agree it is a Red-tailed Hawk - a young bird, hence lacking the red tail.