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    7x35 - a forgotten class of binoculars

    Yes, I had a pair of Sears 7x35 wide angle bins that were first purchased in 1972. I recall the joy of seeing greater detail in birds, other wild life and night sky objects. Good memories. Used those for years, but a pair of Vixen produced 8x32 bins delivered better color and clarity. So...
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    country of origin info?

    What an opaque country of origin disclosure points to is the globalized nature of manufacturing. Parts frequently come from a variety of countries. Some countries establish a floor for the percent of local content before the Made In label can be used. Knowing that a non-detailed 50% of the...
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    country of origin info?

    Because components can come from more than one country naming a single location as the country of origin can be arbitrary. And for me the country of origin is of little value compared to the manufacturers reputation for making quality binoculars and standing behind them.
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    Which to Sell?

    I would sell the bins that get the least use. However you may want to consider whether you have had to use a backup binocular. If not this may be an opportunity eliminate duplication in sizes and free up some money for a different size bin.
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    Zenith Tempest Prismatic Coated 7x50mm Binoculars with leather case

    Are they marked possibly on the front for country of origin?
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    is there still demand for SLC 10x42? are they still relevant?

    Is this a question of need or want? If the 10x42 does a better job in some situations then I would say keep them. If not really then it's probably time to move them on. However, if you just enjoy the design and optical performance regardless then hang on to them. Most of us have fun with...
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    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    The criteria I've noticed in this and many prior threads are price paid and status that comes from owning, and carrying binoculars from just three legacy European brands. The Alpha designation summarizes those criteria. I find the term to be distracting and useless when it comes to picking...
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    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    B.F. has many prior threads on this popular topic. Price paid seems to be an important and measurable characteristic of alpha binoculars.
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    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    Q: What defines an alpha birding binocular? A: It's up to the individual birder.
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    Does anyone mark their diopter setting

    I can see marking the diopter setting if it helps setting the bin up. Anything to reduce the chances of missing a bird.
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    If you own both 10x and 8x, in what situations do you use each?

    My go to bins are the Nikon 8xx30 E II for most birding and other wildlife observation. The same series 10x35 are used less frequently for eagles, hawks and other far away critters.
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    Minox 7,5x44 IF

    I was referring to the article Mark was commenting on. Not Mark's writing skills.
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    Minox 7,5x44 IF

    Written by someone who has yet to attempt focusing binoculars.
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    If you own one pair of glasses ...

    Different bins for different purposes. So far anyway...
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    Double Hinge Compacts

    My wife uses a Swarovski 8x20 double hinge and loves it. I've tried many times but can't get used to the double hinge design. Aligning my eyes and exit pupils is a challenge for me. Single hinge no problem. Best to try them first.