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Recent content by RobHynson

  1. RobHynson

    Birding Sojourn Australia?

    Hi John. with 6 months to a year you will have ample opportunity to explore Australia and its birds. As others have previously stated, buying a vehicle is a good option for your length of stay. Destination wise there are a lot of regions to cover, in no particular order I would prioritize...
  2. RobHynson

    Car rental NT Australia for wildlife watching

    Hi Jan. I've been up to the Darwin region 3 times over the past 5 years and spent many nights out after dark driving roads looking for herps or simply driving to my next destination. I'd never had any issues with rental companies tracking my activities so I think you'll be fine. It is wise to...
  3. RobHynson

    Pine Warbler or Ruby Crowned Kinglet?

    Agree this is a Kinglet rather than a Pine warbler, can we be sure it's Ruby-crowned rather than Golden-crowned?
  4. RobHynson

    Picture quiz!

    Correct! Final answers below, I'll try and post another one before the end of the week if I can find the time. 1. Albatross 2. Red Knot 3. Rainbow Pitta 4. Bearded Mountaineer 5. Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler 6. Emu 7. Spectaceld Bulbul 8. Penguin 9.Fairy Prion 10. Avocet 11. Regent honeyeater...
  5. RobHynson

    Picture quiz!

    That's pretty clever actually, I may have to use a variation of this for the next quizz:eat: Rob
  6. RobHynson

    Picture quiz!

    Very impressed you got this one! Are you a biochemist?
  7. RobHynson

    Picture quiz!

    Just 11 to get, it is a honeyeater but not banded, watching some Blackadder may help. Answers to the others. 1. Albatross 2. Red Knot 3. Rainbow Pitta 4. Bearded Mountaineer 5. Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler 6. Emu 7. Spectaceld Bulbul 8. Penguin 9.Fairy Prion 10. Avocet 11. ? 12. Killdeer Rob
  8. RobHynson

    Picture quiz!

    All correct so far Andrew, have you seen most of them? Rob
  9. RobHynson

    Picture quiz!

    I've put together a little bird picture quiz to keep us all entertained while in lockdown. 12 birds to name from the picture clues, birds are a mix of European, American (north and south), Asian and Australian. Good luck! Rob
  10. RobHynson

    Which albatross? Kaikoura NZ

    Sorry! That was meant to be tail is virtually all white! Adults have a pure white tail while young birds have a few black feathers which they lose as they get older.
  11. RobHynson

    Which albatross? Kaikoura NZ

    Attached are three photos, Northern royal, Southern royal and Wandering albatross presumed exulans. The Northern royal is an immature bird, nice fresh plumage and a few black feathers on its back. The black cutting edge is obvious on this birds bill and the tail is virtually all black...
  12. RobHynson

    Which albatross? Kaikoura NZ

    Not that I'm aware of but I'll try to look tonight. It's covered well in the Australian bird guide, Steve Howells new seabird book and Only and Schofield, also, there are some interesting threads on the Australian seabirds group on Facebook. If I can find something online I'll post a link...
  13. RobHynson

    Which albatross? Kaikoura NZ

    You have a Gibsons's albatross here. It's not either the 2 Royals due to the black tail, the white patches in the wings and the lack of a clear dark cutting edge of the bill. Some birds in the wandering albatross complex can show a dark cutting edge due to a shadow in the photo and some of the...
  14. RobHynson

    Philadelphia for a day in May - where to go?

    Hi. I lived in Phliadelphia for 4 years and it's a fantastic place to go birding and mid May is ideal. My recommendation would be to go to John Heinz for the day, plenty of breeding and migrating passarines, potentially some shorebirds depending on the water levels and there will be plenty of...
  15. RobHynson

    One day in Darwin

    Hi Rob. The botanical gardens and east point would be two great spots to go to. I was up in Darwin last month and there were lots of good birds about, Rufous owl and Oriental cuckoo were the highlights of the botanical gardens and the east point area is a great spot for Rainbow pitta, lots of...