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Recent content by Royfinn

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    Digiscoping with Meopta Meostar S2 82 HD

    1. I have Meopta 30x60 scope. I have tried occasionally digiscoping with it, but without adapter. It haven't turned out well. Fault could be in me or my cheap phone. 2. I f you want good long distance photos, you should just buy Nikon P1000 or Nikon p950 camera. I have Nikon p900 and it's much...
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    How many ditched their spotter for higher powered bino’s?

    I just remember that they were huge, 20x or something like that, too big to handheld. Those might work for stationary objects (with tripod) to get an easy and beautiful view, but for flying birds you might end up in unconfortable positions.
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    How many ditched their spotter for higher powered bino’s?

    Interesting design... :unsure::D I made my Finnstick from broomstick, it works nicely. Cost is around 1€.
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    How many ditched their spotter for higher powered bino’s?

    Just an anecdote. ;) I have birder friend, who started birding few years back. He had high powered big bin and tripod from the old life (for some reason), so he wasn't interested in investing money for spotting scope. Big bino + tripod developed him serious neck problems :( (although he didn't...
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    Meopta Meostar S2 30-60W first impressions

    Distortion from the 30-60xWA is certainly noticeable. I wouldn't stand that kind of distortion from binoculars, because panning is bread and butter in migration watch. With scope, panning is usually slow and distortion does not bother that much. In fast action I don't pay attention to...
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    Newbie - Scope or Binoculars

    You should get a "finnstick" (google it!). Nearly every serious birder here in Finland uses one. It will stabilize 12x bins nicely and prevent fatique.
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    Which is a better deal for $600

    Buy the scope! And then buy some cheaper bins and you have nice combo for birdwatching. ;)
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    Do I need a pair of 10x to go with my 8x? What are your thoughts?

    (y) You don't need more more bins for few years to come. If you have extra money in the future... 1. Buy a zoom camera, so you can identify birds later with the help of computer. Cheaper than the scope and pics comes as an extra. 2. Buy a decent scope, no bin will help you to identify distant...
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    Spotting Scope Suggestions

    I have Meopta S2 with 30-60x eyepiece. I choosed that after I had read nearly every comparison to 20-70x I found. Most seemed to prefer 30-60 because of the wider FOV. However, some top scope experts prefer 20-70x because of bigger mag. There is rolling ball with 30-60 x when panning, which is...
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    8x42 versus 10x54 observations

    When I moved from 8X to 10X, shallow depth of field also bothered me the most and still does - 10X needs noticeable more refocusing. :oops: Finnstick is great add to stability - every pro birder here uses it.
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    Which top end scope/zoom has the widest fov?

    Highest FOV might be Meopta Meostar S2 30-60X WA = 44,5m.
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    Meopta Meostar S2 30-60W first impressions

    I haven't used scope for a while, as it's has been like -10C every day. I think that Nightforce and Cabelas are only siblings with S2. When I made the decision of 30-60 EP, I read through every discussion of 30-60 vs. 20-70. The choise is close, but majority of people in different forums seemed...
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    Do you think an excellent 8x42 can be better than an alpha 8x32 optically?

    I am also interested of knowledge, if bigger aperture bin are better... At least 3 pro birders here have moved to Kowa 10x56 (2) or 12x56 (1) models, mainly used in migration watch for great distances, aided by finnstick. So I would be happy if someone would test big aperture bins against 32/42...
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    Nikon Prostaff 7s 8x30 vs Hawke Endurance ED 8x32 vs Viking Merlin Ed 8x32

    This video comparison might be useful...
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    Looking for new binos 300-500£: help me to reduce my list of options plz

    That's the lesson number 1: Difference between good and excellent binos are not that big and often unnoticeable. And differences are even smaller, when ID is conserned. Lesson number 2: 10X magnification is not miracle cure. I did find that the reduced depth of field with 10X bins is annoying...