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Recent content by Sangahyando

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    Hawk and sparrow in Sacramento, CA

    I think the hawk is a Red-shouldered Hawk - at least judging by the tail pattern.
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    Is this a Goshawk?

    I obviously don't disagree with your overall point, but 135 cm seems like a long wingspan for a "small male" Goshawk. Maybe a typo?
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    Advice for someone who has a hard time ID’ing birds ...

    Well if that's the case, I understand why you want him to become more competent at identification. IMO systematically taking field notes when encountering anything you're not familiar with is a key component. Whether that's done with a notebook or some other way is less important.
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    Female Sparrowhawk Damaged Beak?

    Yeah, if it appears smaller than usual to some people it might just be an issue of angle or lighting. What do you think WWI was about? Or even WWII, to some degree?
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    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    I don't know what you mean by that. Also, I would humbly posit that you don't know every conservationist. Again, you're dodging the issue of genetic sustainability of such isolated populations. Hardly self-sustaining populations, and there's enough issues with wolves vis-à-vis dense human...
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    Possible Hawfinch Bauska, Latvia Dec 2020

    Yes, a Hawfinch.
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    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    Well um, maybe, but that was not what your initial post was about. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, Switzerland is landlocked while Britain is less so. Meaning that one of these countries has the possibility of linking its reintroduced mammal populations with the neighbouring...
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    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    I could swear I've seen this movie before :unsure: I don't think it's as easy as you seem to be suggesting. How do you propose arriving at the kind of state of wilderness you envision while still maintaining some semblance of land use and ecological diversity? Not to mention the current-day...
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    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    What's yours? Speaking of which, does anyone on this forum have sufficient proof of having observed this species in the wild? How many people who've actually seen the IBWO are still alive today? I imagine the number is trending towards zero, if it isn't already there.
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    Irish Dipper( Cinclus cinclus hibernicus)

    Not just possibly, quite defintely. It's just that the mainland birds with orange-brown band belong to the ssp. aquaticus instead of gularis or hibernicus. See for instance the pictures in the Internet Bird Collection - there are some from Germany that illustrate my point...
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    One would think that a person as well-travelled as you are would realize that "white" and "ethnic minority" are not mutually exclusive terms, and that people are treated differently in different countries. Not every place is the UK or USA. Also, what does "being born the right way" mean? Is...
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    Irish Dipper( Cinclus cinclus hibernicus)

    It's worth noting that the orangey band is also well pronounced in Central European birds, at least those from Southern Germany. The vagrant "black-bellied" ones are probably mostly from Scandinavia, as they tend to winter further south.
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    Newbie Questions

    Regarding 2), I would recommend keeping a separate "zoo list" for species seen in captivity, if you're interested in listing them (personally I don't keep a list of those, but understand it if other people do). Oftentimes, birders will refine their methods as they become more experienced, and...
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    Grouse Moors to be licensed in Scotland

    Not necessarily safe. It depends on the density of the local fox population (not to mention other factors like weather). Moving the harriers doesn't hurt them, but the inevitable trails left by people make it easier for nocturnal predators to find the nests. I think you have, you just chose to...
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    Victorian woman charged with animal cruelty after almost 130 Wedge-tailed Eagles found dead

    I'm not arguing that this perp in particular or animal poisoners in general should be killed (although I wouldn't mourn them very much either), I'm merely taking issue with your statement that "a human life" were many times more worth than any given animal's, under any given circumstance. Maybe...