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Recent content by savi

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    Can anyone tell me when the last Bee-Eaters fly back south? I caught a glimpse of one feeding over a field with Swallows and Martins on a recent trip to Eastern Germany. But the locals swear that this is not possible. Thanks Savi
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    Last date for nesting blackbirds?

    I was amazed to see our resident Blackbird fly into the hedge with a beak full of worms. It was in the area where we knew he had a nest which had already fledged. Is he feeding a new brood? Does anyone know when they stop having new clutches of eggs? I know it more or less depends on the...
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    When Robins attack !

    We have been happily watching a pair of Robins feeding young in our hedge for a while now. Today we let the cat out as usual when it was suddenly mobbed. I was astonished to see both birds swoop low down on her from nowhere, forcing her to beat a hasty retreat back inside. They had put up with...
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    Lesvos 05 - 19 May 2011

    Great photos too. Makes me want to go back there !
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    California Spring Trip

    Well we got back to the campsite for our last night at Ventura and in the morning left for Alisal Canyon, the most picturesque part of the whole trip. Coming off the motorway at exit 200 we followed the signs for Nojoqui Falls which we quickly found in the lovely rolling countryside. The park...
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    Magee Marsh in North West Ohio

    Brilliant photos. I have put your report on my favourites so I can re read it at leisure. Thanks for making me aware of a great birding place. Certainly a possible future destination. Savi
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    California Spring Trip

    We had a real long journey to Mount Pinos and we pulled into a motel a few miles away, completely drained. The next day we set off and drove up to the camp site which was closed, so we had the place to ourselves and had a brilliant few hours. We saw one after the other, Crossbill, Tree Creeper...
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    California Spring Trip

    But first we stop off at Silver Saddle resort and report to reception as they can be touchy. It is a small, private resort which can act as a magnet for migratory birds and almost immediately see Ladder Backed Woodpecker, Spotted Sandpiper and Verdin, a real desert rarity, being the other main...
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    California Spring Trip

    It is waterfall season in Yosemite and despite the tourists there are still places to wander off in peace and find birds. Even in the village tourist trap we had brilliant views of a pair of Black Headed Grosbeak as well as Yellow Rumped Warblers. The water was too high for Dipper at Pohono...
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    California Spring Trip

    Hi Guys I meant Turkey Vulture..dont think it was a Condor if memory serves ! Cheers for that, it probably wont be the last mistake. I read your report Mike, as did virtually everyone - congrats. God knows how people manage to write their reports as they go, what with driving, looking in the...
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    California Spring Trip

    I have been to the states before. We went in September to coincide with the pelagic boat trips out of Monterey. It had been a brilliant trip and as soon as we got back we started planning to go again, this time we chose spring to see which time of year was best. It would have been better to go a...
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    Yosemete birding

    Yeah at Kern we just waded in but Migrant Corner was pretty bad though.
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    Yosemete birding

    Hi Peachfront no we havent left yet.We go on Wednesday.When do you leave? The owls would like openings or meadows in forested areas so Yosemete seems a good bet - thats where Im hoping to see them.Early morning or dusk appears best. Peregrine you might find in Point Reyes or down the coast a bit...
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    Best place for Condor

    Thanks David. We are going on wednesday and I will let you know ! I cant wait.
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    Yosemete birding

    If you want to plan a trip I can recommend Schrams Guide to Southern California and Kempers Guide to Northen California.They are both excellent. They also give tips on where to find Owls so its in the public domain but I dont know how current it is. Not publishing the sites for rare birds is...