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Recent content by Sharp Shin

  1. Sharp Shin

    November moth?

    I would say that you are correct - November Moth agg. It is difficult to make out the veins on this photo, but what I can make out seems to fit. Stewart
  2. Sharp Shin

    Some trap moth ID help

    I would say that 3 and 4 are Hedya pruniana (aka Plum Tortrix). 5 looks like Marbled Minor agg. Image 2 is rather pixelated on my device, but it doesn’t appear to be Marbled Brown - others might have a better opinion. Stewart
  3. Sharp Shin

    Seven Worlds One Planet

    It is very welcome that this series is doing much more to address the pressing issues of climate change and environment damage. The section of the programme on Orangutans highlighted acutely the problems caused by extensive plantations of palm oil (and even directed consumers to what they could...
  4. Sharp Shin

    Seeing Nightjar and Quail in flight

    Thanks for these responses to my post. I suppose that I was trying to make a point about the activity of birding, especially when this involves periods of patience and concentrated attention, and particularly in relation to Nightjars and Quail. Trying to actually see a Quail, when it’s general...
  5. Sharp Shin

    Seeing Nightjar and Quail in flight

    Thanks Andy. My typing error there - yes, ‘churring’. Funny how typos happen. By the way, they are called ‘Nightjars’ not ‘Nightjrs’.;) Stewart
  6. Sharp Shin

    Seeing Nightjar and Quail in flight

    This is the time of year for trying to see two scarce birds that are usually well-hidden: Nightjar and Quail. Both birds are usually located by their ‘song’, but the chances of seeing them is usually in flight. Recent experience has led me to a tentative hypothesis which may (or may not) be...
  7. Sharp Shin

    Garden/Yard List 2019

    On the issue of Greenfinchs, I haven’t had any in or around the garden - whereas in previous years they are a regular at the feeder, in good numbers. A very quick scan though other lists on this thread appears to show them as absent or ‘late’ in other folks gardens. Is the apparent lack of...
  8. Sharp Shin

    Last Butterfly of the year, 2018

    Red Admiral in garden (near Woodbridge, Suffolk) yesterday - Saturday 17th November.
  9. Sharp Shin

    Moth for i.d. assistance please - Staffs UK

    Small Dusty Wave Idaea seriata?
  10. Sharp Shin

    Two moths from Suffolk

    Thanks Martin. It was the dark patches on the mid-outer wing that foxed me. I can't find a match with any Thorn (but, as I said, I'm pretty much a novice at this!). Anyone else got an idea? Stewart
  11. Sharp Shin

    Two moths from Suffolk

    Martin In post #2, you say that your initial reply had ‘vanished’. Did that reply contain an identification of the first (Thorn-type) moth? I’ll probably take up your suggestion and repost the second image to the ‘other insects’ threads. Thanks again - Stewart
  12. Sharp Shin

    Two moths from Suffolk

    Hi Martin I'm afraid that I don't have any more photos. I was outside taken photographs of a Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, when this specimen appeared so I took a quick photo of it. It was against the same grill at the LBBYU, and I can say that they were about the same length...
  13. Sharp Shin

    Moth ID - one from Greece

    Thanks Martin Very helpful. I took this photo two years ago and have been trying to ID it since. I had forgotten the size of the moth (and how big the letter A was on the noticeboard it is resting on!). Stewart
  14. Sharp Shin

    Moth ID - one from Greece

    This one shouldn't be too difficult - taken in Kefalonia, Greece in June. My first guess was Pine Processionary, but I'm now very doubtful about this. Thanks again Stewart
  15. Sharp Shin

    Two moths from Suffolk

    ID help please for these two moths, both photos taken in August in rural Suffolk. The first I take for a Thorn, but I can't square the wing pattern with, say, Dusky Thorn. The second, I first took to be Bulrush Wainscot, but again the fit didn't seem quite right. I'm pretty much a novice at...