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Recent content by SlowLowFlyingTurkey

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    Top Birding Destinations on Earth

    Maybe you could add Galapagos as a fifth region to Ecuador.
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    Birding in Abisko, Sweden

    I don't know about winter, but I was there in summer last year and found Hawk Owls very easily. Walking on the Karsfallen trail to a waterfall (marked trail number four on the park's leaflet: http://www.nationalparksofsweden.se/globalassets/abisko/filer/abisko-nationalpark-folder-en.pdf) I heard...
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    Ghana trip

    That's very generous of them. :t:
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    Feeling guilty when birding far from home

    This reminds me of an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson who I saw interviewed on the BBC a few months ago. She claimed to have more of a stake in the future of the planet than most people because she had four children, completely unaware that she was a major part of the problem.
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    Life lists:

    Ah, so this thread was just a long-winded way to have a dig at twitchers. Pity you couldn't just say that in your first post. You have an oddly superior attitude for someone who doesn't know the difference between a live bird and a dead one.
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    Life lists:

    Well there's one very important difference that is so obvious I don't even need to spell it out.
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    Life lists:

    I wouldn't count it while in the net or the captor's hand, but the moment it is released I would count it as a free-flying bird again. In other words, I would have to be there to witness the release. On a similar note, I would have no problem counting a wild bird that had become temporarily...
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    Separating male and female 'Ringtail' Hen Harriers

    The birds roosting at Wicken Fen often give exceptionally close views, usually entering the boardwalk area near the visitor centre (for those familiar with the reserve) and flying around for prolonged periods before settling. Having said that, I've never separated male from female ringtails...
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    Why is the RSPB SO against eagle-owls?

    Gleb, are you seriously accusing the RSPB of Hen Harrier persecution?
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    Why is the RSPB SO against eagle-owls?

    I'd be interested to see your evidence for this. I see Hedgehogs regularly in Cambridge without even trying, even with their nationwide decline.
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    Visiting Mull?

    Oh, ok. Thanks. I didn't know about the lack of Ospreys and Capers. I probably should have included the caveat that I haven't been for years and my info may not be up to date. As for the centre being closed, I was assuming Gleb wasn't thinking of going this year as he mentioned going after...
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    Visiting Mull?

    Abernethy is very easy to visit by public transport, especially if you enjoy some fairly long walks as well. Aviemore makes a convenient base: easy to reach by train, lots of accommodation (including campsites and hostels) and places to eat, decent bus services to nearby locations, plenty of...
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    Birdwatching in Cambridge

    Hi Gleb I found some Bee Orchids in Cambridge earlier this summer - first time I've ever seen them I think. They were along Newmarket Road in the short grass where a cycle path runs past the airport, near to the turn off towards Teversham. I was walking back from birding at Teversham and Little...
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    Bird porn

    I remember that particular town causing a lot of amusement in school geography lessons when someone found it in the atlas.
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    Keep cats indoors advice

    Does that mean I've driven my car into the living room for nothing?