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  1. soaring falcon

    Comment by 'soaring falcon' in media 'Trophy kill'

    Awesome shot Steve! She is a beautiful bird. Anyone interested in nature and nature photography has to be aware that there is a heirarchy of animals on the planet and it is natural to see a bird of prey feasting on their prey. I recently posted a series of photos on my blog of a Red-tailed...
  2. soaring falcon

    covids mobbing birds of prey ever end up in death?

    General question on birds harassing raptors I was driving home this afternoon in northern California and saw a large bird soaring fairly low over a very large grassy acreage off the road. I thought at first it was a Turkey Vulture, as they are abundant in our area, but I noticed it had a...
  3. soaring falcon

    Comment by 'soaring falcon' in media 'Lapland Longspur'

    Nice work! I like the detail of the feathers and the way the light cast the shadow on the rock against the non-descript background. Beautiful!
  4. soaring falcon

    Comment by 'soaring falcon' in media 'Jedi Hummers'

    Awesome! This is the best photo I have ever seen of hummingbirds! Congratulations!! :t:
  5. soaring falcon

    Birdbox suggestions for southern california

    Nestboxes... build them yourself.. it's easy! Hi Deb! I live in Northern California and am blessed with many of the same bird species you have down there (where I grew up). I have been building bird houses for over 25 years. I have just written a book on birdhouses, feeders, placing...
  6. soaring falcon

    Can I out smart a squirrel? Read this!

    Stovepipe Baffle... slight alteration You can also use hardware cloth for the lid on the stovepipe. With tin snips cut the hardware cloth into an 8" circle. Place it over the stovepipe, bending the edges down so that it fits snugly into the pipe about an inch down from the top. With the tin...
  7. soaring falcon

    What are these for??

    Whirlygigs....Arg! Hey Matt I think you're right about your neighbor "losing the plot" as you put it. You see these things all over the place in the US and I am SO glad to hear that apparently they are not popular across the pond. I do believe that these particular ones are suppose to scare...
  8. soaring falcon

    Hello Fellow Bird Lovers!

    Hello Everyone! I am new to forums but I love birds and bird watching! My wife and I live on 40 acres in Northern California where I have been building and placing birdhouses for over 26 years. We have a pair of nesting Red Tail Hawks on our property and we have been fortunate to see several...
  9. soaring falcon

    Hi from 3 Little Birds Landscaping

    Hello 3 Little Birds I am brand new here too! Welcome! I have been building bird houses for over 26 years and you have some great material right there to make them. I use cedar and redwood fence boards for all my bird houses. Start planning your birdhouses by determining which species are...