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Recent content by stephen b

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    New released Swaro CL Companion 8x30 B

    Checked out the new CL at our local Cabelas. Thought long and hard about picking one up to replace my Leupold 8x32 Mojave. I also thought about picking one up as a gentle trial checkout ( as Cabelas is very good about a return )- but decided against that. My Mojave has stellar optics that...
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    Binocular bargains

    Glad you like them- enjoy! I have had my set for 3 years now and agree with everything you said. They - optically punch way above their weight class. I use mine when I do not want to carry the weight of my Swaro 8x42 SLC-HD's. And when I do ( carry the Mojave's), I do not feel like I am under...
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    Thoughts on the SLC WB?

    Agree with most all of the info above. I have a 8x SLC HD ( and have had the WB before- basically same bin). I also have owned in the past most of the binos that you mention above. I loved the size of the 8x32 SV, but optically like the 8x42 SLC better. I only still own the 8x42 SLC HD. I did...
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    Death Of The Alpha?

    And thank goodness for that! I know I have had my fill of dealing with the political discussion. I do have my opinions, but get sick of discussing them. Especially with family- so certainly do not need to discuss with the WWW family.
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    Death Of The Alpha?

    They certainly are "different in ways". And, just keep telling yourself that they are (in all ways) on the exact same tier as the "alpha" dogs. But, I think that little voice in your head may over time be telling yourself otherwise. In fact; and I do not think this is a stretch by any means...
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    Death Of The Alpha?

    In the olympics they give the prize to the winner, not everyone gets the top spot. Everyone does not get the equal prize- even if they are in the final. So, the next tier down is not really the "best" for 1/2 the price; it does not work that way. Now, they (next tier down) may be the better...
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    Death Of The Alpha?

    The OP could start a thread and have only himself post to it and he could argue with himself back and forth about past and current statements. Then he could post quotes and counter himself and it could go on and on like most of the OP threads. And there would not be much lack for material -...
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    Biggest WOW binoculars you have ever looked through?

    And the binocular carousel and new threads keep going round and round, and round......:D :egghead:
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    SLC 7x30 B find

    Good find. Your model of 7x30 SLC will have Phase coating. The Mark II models came out in about 1990 and were waterproof and had phase coating. It just may not have Swarobright coatings on them ( unless they upgraded for you). The Swarobright coatings started to be applied to the 8x30 SLC's in...
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    8x32 vs 8.5x42 SV's

    Bob- Eye relief is listed by Leupold as being 16mm. I have no problem at all seeing full FOV when wearing eye glasses. SuperDuty- The Mojave is not a SV, and would not expect it to perform that way. But it does remarkably well for what it is and what it costs. The sharpness; color...
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    Thoughts on 8x32 (more or less) options

    From your list I would probably go with either the Kowa, the Zeiss Conquest (HD model); or the Meopta. I would also add the Leupold 8x32 Mojave. But may be tough to get in Europe. I personally liked its sharpness ( perceived resolution) and low light brightness when I compared it extensively to...
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    8x32 vs 8.5x42 SV's

    Agree with most all comments above. I have owned both and if I were to keep just one of those it would be the 8x32 SV. I would still have it if I had not gone in a different direction. I bought a 8x42 SLC WB ( newest HD version), and for me I like it the best of the 8x Swaro's. I have a 8x32...
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    8X42 Slc hd

    ^^^ This! I fully concur from my own individual observations having owned both models.
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    Nikon Monarch Fieldscopes

    Would be nice if the wider angle zoom would work on the previous Fieldscopes; especially since they dropped the 1.25 plans. Would have been nice to put the newer zoom on my Fieldscope. Other than that, cannot see anything here that would make me want to change from my 82 and 50 Fieldscopes...
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    8X42 Slc hd

    Agree with most that has been written and covered above ( with slight exception as to actual quality characteristics of the newest model of the 8x42 SLC WB). I have had both models of the SLC 8x42's; I sold the original HD ( should have kept it), and now own the newest 8x42 SLC WB. Both of...