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Recent content by Stephen Mark

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    Are alpha binos just getting too expensive? (perspective)

    I'm chuckling over this thread. My other hobby is photography and the money you can spend on cameras, top quality lenses, flashes and various other bits make a pair of alphas seem like the price of a Happy Meal. One of my friends in the kocal photo club has 15,000 dollars in one lens. Yes the...
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    Lee and all BF members a Merry Christmas and a great 2019. OH AND lord [;ease help the misguided SV children to see the true glory that is the SF. Sorry had to end the year on a flip note. Steve
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    Harpia 95: A Review on a Scottish Island

    Lee If you wind up costing me 4400.00 I am going to fly over and put salt in your beer. Steve
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    Compact spotter under $400

    My Kowa 601 is really good with the 30mm fixed eyepiece. I imagine thats where you would be using it most. Steve
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    Why 42mm?

    Gijs Not guilty yes but innocent I have questions about that. LOL Steve
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    Kowa 10.5x44 Genesis

    I have been an acknowledged Kowa fanboy on this forum for years and as own Kowa Genesis in 8.5X44, 10.5X44 and 8X33 as well as Zeiss SF's I have fun some days going back and forth trying to see differences. The kowas are slightly less bright but I'm not sure you would notice if you weren't going...
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    Conquest Confession

    If you want to completely eliminate CA, get flawless eyecups and great contrast just get the Kowa Genesis 8X33. Sorry but I have tried about everything around a grand except the Meopta and Kowa wins, game over. Steve
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    Recommendation in 8x30-35?

    The Kowa Genesis have NO! CA and once set the eye cups let you throw them up without thought, Your eyes are set and there is do fussing to get the right sight picture. I have both these and their big brother the 8.5X44 and only my Zeiss are very slightly better but not by much. These are...
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    1500.00 budget

    I was told years ago by the then head of Kowa NA that fluorite as very hard to work and prone to shattering in the manufacturing process. They were fine once they were complete, but he said that they couldn't be made small enough for bino use. The new 55mm scope gave some hope ut if that's the...
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    1500.00 budget

    James a couple of things I forgot to mention in my reply to your PM. The Kowa Genesis has zero CA it just isn't there and they as good a set of eye cups as you can find. Thats been mentioned before by several people. Good Luck Steve
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    Zeiss Victory 8x42 SF 524223 REVIEWS?

    Lee has more experience with the eyecups than I because I believe he wears glasses at least part of the tme. The eyecups on my SF's are fully extended and stay there. They don't get moved because that's where I need them and I don't loan the SF's to anyone. I have other excellent binos if some...
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    Best Scope Money Can Buy?

    One other point about the Kowa. If you have enough light people have used two of the 1.6 extender's at once. I was birding last fall with a friend who had an extender and we put his and mine on my scope. You have to crank the zoom down to find what you want to look at but when you crank it back...
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    Conquest 32 vs 42 FOV

    Don'y you mean 10X32 and 8X42 being about the same? Steve
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    Is it exit pupil size that affects ease of alignment with eyes?

    Part of it is design also for instance my SF's as well as the various Swaros and Conquests that I've played with all have some kidney beaning but any one of my three Kowa Genesis I just throw them up any old way and no problem. They ae the best eye cups I've ever seen. Steve
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    Kowa TSN-EX16S

    The 663/664 scopes have been out so long that owa will probably redesign it rather than stick n a new eyepiece and if they do i'll bet the new eyepiece wont fit the new scopes. Steve