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Recent content by Steve Thompson 136

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    Scope histories

    I used one of these before I got my Hertel and Reuss- borrowed it from a fellow birder in the 1970s. Think he still has it. I agree, in those pre- tripod days any fence, wall or shoulder - or knee while lying on a slope was the norm. Can’t really remember what the image quality was like, though...
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    Scope histories

    Meant to write “tenex”!
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    Scope histories

    Hi, tenet, To be honest I think draw tube scopes were a thing of their time. The Hertel and the Nickel were light and small and extended a reasonable distance so you could prop them, with contortions!, on your knee. I got used to hand holding the Hertel for brief views - Hawfinches at Fountains...
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    Scope histories

    Hello, everyone. Only ever had 2 scopes. A Hertel and Reuss draw tube - think it was 20-60x - bought in 1975, stolen in 1979, which was for the time fantastic. Replaced that with the Optolyth 80BGA and still use it. Huge disadvantages of a draw tube scope in wet weather - rainstorm in Borneo...
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    I took some pictures of birds today

    Hello, Mike, Great photos-I think all the more impressive for being on a tripod - easier for me to track them hand - held. Be interesting to know what lense (s) you use. I am primarily a birder - for the last 48 years - taking the odd photos for the record but also trying to get some good...
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    Binoculars for Eagle Watching.

    Hi, I have spent quite some time recently watching eagles, along with a lot of other Isle of Wight birders looking at the White Tailed Eagles. We’ve had close views (and some very distant ones) and to be honest the 10 x 42 and 10x40 Zeiss we are using are brilliant. I have always used 10x ...
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    Meant to be bino quality - I hate spellcheck!
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    Hello, everyone on this long and fascinating thread! Steve Thompson here from the Isle of Wight, UK. I thought I would give some reflections on the issue of bino quality as someone who has been actively birding for 48 years. In 1979 I bought my pair of Zeiss Dialyt 10x40s. They have been on...