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Recent content by Stevie babe

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    Sale of Mist Nets in the UK

    Signed I've often wondered when something like this would come up. With so many people who have come in to the UK from Europe where hunting is widespread I felt it was only a matter of time when some would revert to their 'heritage' customs and start preying on our birds as well.
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    Birding trip January

    Dorset perhaps. Usually relatively warmer than the east of the UK at that time of year. The RSPB reserves of Radipole and Lodmoor can be useful (Bearded Tit). Also Portland Bill for sea watching Portland Observatory reported several Great Bustard flyover. Further east there's RSPB Arne and also...
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    Health Advice for visiting Pantenal

    So to follow up I think I should be safe for the vaccination. However will still make further enquiries to a travel clinic. Also will try to find if there is something like a check on the immune system from the NHS. I think if my immune system is low then the risk of problems will be greater...
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    Health Advice for visiting Pantenal

    Thanks all for your help in this - especially the CDC report that i had not seen before - thanks Andy. It is helpful to know that most trips are in the dry season and bitey things should be a lot less than in the wet season. However while in Northern Spain last September we visited a lake but...
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    Health Advice for visiting Pantenal

    Hi All, Both my wife and I are really wanting to go visit the Pantenal region of Brazil but I have a problem and that is relating to the risk of Yellow fever in that region. As I understand it Yellow Fever does exist there and is pretty much incurable. So I look up the prospect of taking the...
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    First trip CR March 2018

    Bougainvillea Hotel, should be you start hotel in San Jose and book a room overlooking the garden. Great place to get your list started. I hope you have good birding and a great introductory visit to CR and that you will want to go back. If so I hope you do include Arenal (I have seen Yellow...
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    Fuente de

    Although a few years ago we had two visits to Fuente De and saw wallcreeper on both occasions. Once in late May and once in early June. Went with a group of 'experts' and they were needed to help locate the birds. Just one pair of wallcreepers in one long rocky valley needs a lot of eyes.
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    Botswana (mostly)

    Hi Jon, Reading your report with interest having done a similar trip a few years ago. Just finished our third (and probably last) Southern Africa trip and still no PEL'S FISHING OWL. (Trip report still to be written.)
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    Monteverde versus Arenal Volcano

    As with Corvix the two places attract different birds due to height above sea level and attibutable to Pacific Slope or Caribbean slope. You won't see Resplendant Quetzal in Arenal for instance but Arenal has it's own range of birds so basically you will see two different sets of birds...
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    Global warming figures are becoming even worse (Earth Times)

    Don't worry. Hollywood will come up with an ingenious answer thought up by some spotty 17 yr old nerd that nobody believes in the first place until some attractive female scientist believes that his blueprint to remove all the excess CO2 within an hour has some merit. As there is nothing now to...
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    Axe Estuary

    Surprised to see this (and the Seaton... thread) not used recently. I was at the Seaton / Colyford marshes a couple of weeks ago and had some good quality (for me) birding. Nothing out of the ordinary but allowed me to add to my year list. Hopefully it is worth bumping. I hope the usual...
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    Report that climate change threatens birds seems like a publicity stunt

    Slightly off topic but I would say that Earth's population growth, the need to feed it and supply them with essential living conditions is a far greater threat than climate change leading to bird extinctions through loss of habitat, destruction of ecosystems etc etc.
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    Cruising the Amazon and West Indies from London and back!

    Enjoyed reading your report Dave and fills me with a bit of trepidation as we are using the same company having capitulated and given in to my wife's desire for a cruise. We depart Tilbury in February next year and sail up the coast of Norway hopefully seeing birds and cetaceans as well as...
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    Bill Oddie and Zoos.

    Looking at this statement makes me realise that if people just go to the zoo to stop kids from whining and couldn't otherwise give a 'fig' then at least that zoo will have got a lot cash for conservation / upkeep of the zoo blah blah that they wouldn't have got if collecting money in a charity...
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    Panasonic TZ60

    Agree the view finder was perhaps the most attractive part for me for the TZ60 but reviews indicated that it was grainy. That, coupled with some issues with picture quality (too many pixles for the sensor) made me move away. Camcorder, although bulky has a good viewfinder so, with being able to...