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Recent content by stuartvine

  1. stuartvine

    What's a birding moment that spooked you?

    Walking across Horton's Plain in Sri Lanka, I was in a bit of a bad mood. Since we were on an organised non-birding tour, we'd arrived much later than the traditional time to see just about anything. When we come to a wooded area, my partner decides to take a pee. She comes out and say's, "It's...
  2. stuartvine

    How Long to Continue Feeding

    We put out feed all year round, but the birds don't depend on it when other food is available.
  3. stuartvine

    The annual 'whose got Swifts' thread

    Swallows a week ago over the Thames near Kingston. Swifts, Swallows and House Martins at Frensham Great Pond (Surrey) 2 May.
  4. stuartvine

    What bird alarm calls do you use for finding predators?

    Ravens make great alarms for detecting birds of prey. They've put me on to both Booted and Bonelli's Eagles in Crete.
  5. stuartvine

    What did you miss in 2020?

    My usual fortnight's Autumn Mediterranean birding. (Not to mention the sun, raki, mountains, beaches, food and all the other good stuff). Never mind, the West Country was a great alternative.
  6. stuartvine

    Online stores - clothes

    I'm quite fond of Rohan: https://www.rohan.co.uk
  7. stuartvine

    Scariest birding moments

    Stepping too near the edge of a path in a gorge in Crete (concentrating on birds, not footing) and having it give way. Fortunately/unfortunately, my slide was interrupted by getting a foot caught in tree roots. This span me round and flipped me over, tearing some knee ligaments in the process...
  8. stuartvine

    Where will you go?

    Hmm, this year will probably still be tricky. So, the Highlands and Islands look good for (probably) late summer. Northern Thailand for Spring 2022 would be nice. Some nice hiking and good birds.
  9. stuartvine

    Best approach for record shots?

    After experimenting with various superzooms, I finally settled on a DSLR and zoom lens combo, Canon 7D(2) and the 100-400mm L series lens. Some people may find it a bit heavy, but it's gone all over the world in a small rucksack and I find it easy to use hand held. The water resistance of both...
  10. stuartvine

    Milky or Painted or hybrid Stork ? Singapore

    Painted Stork indeed.
  11. stuartvine

    Best approach for record shots?

    For record shots I prefer an SLR and a zoom lens. (Canon 7D II and 100-400mm) just on a shoulder strap. I find it easier to pick up the bird with the wider field of view at low zoom, then zoom in for a shot. For marsh, open water, etc, a 150-500mm lens and a cross-body harness to distribute with...
  12. stuartvine

    Book coming out soon

    Ordered from Amazon - really looking forward to reading it. :)
  13. stuartvine

    Book coming out soon

  14. stuartvine

    Ghana trip

    We hummed and hawed about taking our usual trip to somewhere warm, sunny, with birds, history and hiking. Eventually we just decided to do an extensive tour of the South West of England (and hope that none of that is declared a Covid hot-spot!) So, starting at Slimbridge on Saturday and working...