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Recent content by tapaculo

  1. tapaculo

    Sony RX10iii for birding/wildlife

    when the RX10iii shines I bought an M3 this year (to replace my Canon SX50 and the Nikon P900 that was destroyed when I fell in flooded forest), passing on the M4 because my camera store offered a used M3 for 60% off. I've had some gratifying results with it, sharpness I've never had before...
  2. tapaculo

    Sadly, Vortex quality control is all over the place

    great warranty and quality for the price The original post asked about the Vortex warranty, and a scan of the responses showed varying experiences. I was going to my optics store about a problem with my camera and brought in my Viper 10x42s to ask if something could be done about the lens...
  3. tapaculo

    Setting expectations for PNG

    I am recently back from 3+ weeks birding in Papua New Guinea, a trip organized by Sicklebill Safaris with only local guides, no overall guide/escort. There were many wonderful things about it: we saw 21 of the 28 Birds of Paradise on the PNG half of the main island (it included the Huon...
  4. tapaculo

    RFI Oaxaca

    I have been birding in Oaxaca twice, but not for a decade or so. Has anyone been to La Cumbre recently? I'm curious about access (if there is any difficulty getting in, and how the trails are)... and safety. Muchas gracias...
  5. tapaculo

    Birding in Tangkoko and Lore Lindu

    Here's that list. Near to Makassar, we stayed one night in a home in Malino and visited the nearby Lompobattang ridge. We saw just 25 species, but including Lompobattang Flycatcher and our only Piping Crows of the trip. But it's hardly a "birding spot," we just scrambled up a hillside alongside...
  6. tapaculo

    Birding in Tangkoko and Lore Lindu

    For what it's worth, attached are lists of the species we encountered at each site, output from BirdBase. "F" means my first sighting. You can see we went to Bogani Nani before Tangkoko. Not a real lot of species at either, but that's typical for an island. We got a good look at that tarsier...
  7. tapaculo

    Birding in Tangkoko and Lore Lindu

    I visited both of those parks in 2015, in a trip organized by Nurlin Djuni of Malia Tours. We visited Lore Lindu for three full days, staying at the Monalisa homestay in Wuasa (+62 813 5426 1746). Nurlin hired a local guide for at least one of those days, but I do not remember his name or...
  8. tapaculo

    NE Brazil Jan 2019 - 24 DAYS

    We got a sixth person, but sadly Colin has had to drop out for health reasons, so we would again welcome one more birder. Please send me a PM if you want more information.
  9. tapaculo

    Sulawesi Birding Info needed

    If anyone want to send Nurlin money to help with rebuilding, or the schools and organizations he supports, send me a personal message and I will give you wire instructions.
  10. tapaculo

    Sulawesi Birding Info needed

    It may not be possible to visit Sulawesi for a while, but the epicenter of the earthquake was just north of Palu, so Bunaken (and the city of Manado and the prime birding spots in extreme NE Sulawesi -- Tangkoko, Dumoga Bone, etc.) are about 400 Km away and not separated by open ocean, so they...
  11. tapaculo

    NE Brazil Jan 2019 - 24 DAYS

    still going and looking for 2 more We are still going on the 23-day tour -- January 20 through February 11 -- and still looking for two more birders, to keep the cost down and be comfortable in two vehicles. Attached are several photographs from the itinerary that should spark more interest...
  12. tapaculo

    Ethiopia, October/November 2018

    We are looking for at least one more person to join in a birding trip to central and southern Ethiopia starting in mid-October 2018. This will use a local company and tentatively will be 17 days and cost about GBP 2000, below USD3000. It will include Awash and Bale national parks, Lake Langano...
  13. tapaculo

    Sulawesi Birding Info needed

    You are right that Sulawesi is not very "touristy", and Halamhera even less. In many towns there are no real hotels, just "guest houses" and "home-stays". Nurlin's company arranged all those for us. In some places I think it would be difficult to get those rooms if you don't speak bahasa...
  14. tapaculo

    Sulawesi Birding Info needed

    I wrote to Nurlin Djuni, an excellent bird guide we used in Sulawesi in 2015. (I recommend him highly, and Arjan Dwarshuis hired him as part of his record World Big Year.) He wrote that a 3 week birding & snorkeling holiday in Sulawesi would be fine, and that Bunaken island is OK for birding ...
  15. tapaculo

    NE Brasil birding guide?

    Never mind, he was in the field and just responded. (Ciro Albano and Caio Brito of NE Brazil Birding are still in business.)