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Recent content by The Cumbrian

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    Blue Tits missing from gardens following heatwave (BTO)

    The numbers in our garden fell right off following fledging. I was only seeing a single one a day or so. Over the last couple of weeks numbers have crept up. Three a number of times a day is now usual. Coal Tits have been numerous all year.
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    Hunter and the hunted

    We regularly have both Pheasant and Sparrowhawk in the garden. The pheasants totally ignore the Sprawk.
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    Hybrid Sparrow Cumbria UK

    I am familiar with both male House Sparrow (P domesticus) and Tree Sparrow (P montanus) but this individual seems to have some characteristics of both. Brown crown and cheek spot (albeit smudged and faint) suggest Tree but the spread of markings on the throat and chest suggest House. I only...
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    Gretna Murmuration.

    Can anyone help with information. 1. Is there currently a murmuration at Gretna/Gretna Green? 2. If there is which is the best view point and how would I get there from the M6. Many thanks.
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    Birds in Cumbria

    Windermere Otters Has there been any sightings of Otters on Windermere since the barbaric trapping incident in June? Also does anyone know if the culprits were ever traced?
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    Bird in Ballantrae, Scotland.

    I would agree - Eider
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    I know somebody who put a shot of a murmuration of starlings near Carlisle. Put it on the web with no large copyright only to find it being used by an American photographer who when contacted insisted he had taken the shot. The shape of the murmuration and the view point were identical and...
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    For you but not for everyone. You seem to have lost track of the discussion. I have never said I even take photos let alone that any I MAY take would be better than anyone else. Reread the thread and you will see I was merely expressing my opinion which I thought was what the forum was for...
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    This link leads to a website which says "I started digital photography Five years ago and it became a huge passion and a wonderful hobby that I use to my fullest in my spare time." So clearly not a professional photographer. JSER was mentioning professionals. Personally I don't find large...
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    More or less what I was implying. A copyright which allows the image to be cropped to avoid it is in my opinion useless.
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    Do you not feel with many pictures if the text is small and in the corner the image can be stolen and cropped to avoid the copyright notice?
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    Bird ID UK

    Mistle thrush for me as well.
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    Credibility with the Public - July 17

    To me the point is if the "several thousand" is only 30% of what there used to be then they are threatened. It is too late to wait until the numbers are greatly reduced look at the passenger pigeon. There would be a time when it was possible to still see "several thousand" but they would be a...
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    Man arrested at Ulverston farm over death of red kites

    What good news, I was afraid they wouldn't catch anyone.
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    Uk400club 'list Of Lists' Etc Etc

    As I said earlier I have no interest in twitching but this thread is opening my eyes to the seedier side of birding. I can't get my head round why any decent honest individual would not respond to a request (polite or otherwise) to remove a name from a database. I find it totally beyond belief...