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Recent content by THE_FERN

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    Least or Semiplamated Sandpiper -- Central Montana

    Yes. I can see yellow legs on the least sands. Agree the bird looking away is a semi, and the larger birds are plausibly Baird's as you (op) say
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    Parsiger - analysing the wealth of Tarsiger data

    I think it's called "ebird"... Seriously, though, I really wish they'd get rid of the paywall and integrate the BoW material. Also commission some more diagnostic illustrations, stop the crazy obsession with trips and hotspots, and... Well it's still pretty useful despite all this
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    Puffinus yelkouan or anything else? Greece

    Think it's OK for yelkouan. E.g. underwing pattern, Yelkouan for me for the reasons Butty said. (Also nape/shoulder pattern excludes manx etc)
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    Frigatebird for ID - West Bengal, India, May 2020

    Yes but I thought them quite well defined in your first image
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    ID help please, perhaps young female grosbeak

    Cross posted. It's a sparrow as you've seen
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    Carrion Crow or Raven please - Horwich Moor, Greater Manchester UK

    This is what happens when you reply late at night (as I always do). I was responding to the wrong picture ! ... For the first pics, I think it's probably a raven. My bill comments above stand but interpreted the other way around (i.e. in favour) Comments about the wing length don't apply as we...
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    IDs France

    I think they're all chiffchaffs. I find the primary projection difficult to make out but short in the last 2
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    Frigatebird for ID - West Bengal, India, May 2020

    Well I have never seen Christmas Island frigate (plenty of lessers), but it looks very like this to me: ML238090371 Christmas Island Frigatebird Macaulay Library (Always assuming this is correctly identified)
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    Recovering from DEET

    Thanks for. I've seen elsewhere suggestions for buying in bulk: much cheaper. I think it was stuff sold for domestic pets (in some water-based solution). I noticed that it really has a great deterrent effect although maybe this is undesirable for entomologists...
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    Carrion Crow or Raven please - Horwich Moor, Greater Manchester UK

    Without certainty, I think this is a carrion crow. It's certainly not an adult raven. My reasons are: on adult ravens the horizontal hairs on the upper mandible tend to extend around 2/3rds of the way down the bill rather than less than half [here: viz Macauley images]. The bill of an adult...
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    Puffinus sp. (Portugal) - shearwater expert advice needed

    Yes agree. Also the shape. Yours is a comparatively long-bodied bird. Macronesian / baroli should appear to have a head which sticks out only a short way, and an equally short tail. When you saw it flying the flight pattern should have been markedly different to the manx shearwaters.
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    White Gull. North Yorkshire

    Probably leucistic for me. Structure wrong for iceland, glaucous I think. But the colours are not balanced—you can see looks a bit like a 1970s over-saturated print in the back of camera shot
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    Frigatebird for ID - West Bengal, India, May 2020

    Well I think this: https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=,the%20ventral%20surfaces%20and%20head. suggests it is Christmas island. Supporting that are the forward angled "arms" coming from the white...
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    Falcon ID ? Tehran IR

    Thanks for this. I make it about 2 clear peregrine features (back, tail pattern) to 1 (underside barring). I find the moustache intermediate but more like peregrine, and rear head pattern "strongly" intermediate between the 2. I assume a hybrid's out of the question...
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    Recovering from DEET

    Thanks. those links suggest products are unavailable. What do you use now / instead?