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  1. TheBirdGarden

    Help with New Laptop Purchase?

    Okay guys, thanks for the help and information, I will continue looking about : )
  2. TheBirdGarden

    Help with New Laptop Purchase?

    To answer a few with your help, in the manual it lists this The following table lists the specifications of the Lenovo S20-30 / S20-30 Touch: Table 1. Specifications Feature Description Processor See the system properties of your computer, you can do this as follows: Click Control Panel, then...
  3. TheBirdGarden

    Help with New Laptop Purchase?

    I am surprised you say more ram, the laptop I have now is 2gb ram, and it operates photoshop just fine. I should perhaps reiterate the use then, many of you use a laptop in the field for viewing photos on, and seeing if they are keeps or not, hence the screen quality I am most concerned off. I...
  4. TheBirdGarden

    Help with New Laptop Purchase?

    Hi, I am currently eyeing up a new laptop, it would be for Uni and work, and hopefully also photoshop. I need to know however if this would be good enough for photoshop as in, is the screen any good and will it be able to run it. The laptop I am looking is the Lenovo S20-30 The specs are as...
  5. TheBirdGarden


    it is Delia, a beak right through the mirror, luckily though the camera I have it can easily be replaced, unluckily though is that it cost me £56 to do so.
  6. TheBirdGarden


    A word of advice do not leave your DSLR unattended with the lens cap off (although I don't think any of you would be as stupid as me. Luckily I can easily repair it by buying a replacement the culprit? an inquisitive magpie! (the fingerprints are from me practising removing and putting it...
  7. Now It's My Turn

    Now It's My Turn

  8. Waiting


  9. A Helping Hand

    A Helping Hand

  10. Park Robin

    Park Robin

  11. In The Park

    In The Park

  12. Big World

    Big World

  13. Up Close

    Up Close

  14. From the Archives

    From the Archives

    As my touch up skills develop so does my ability to save more of my images to show!