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Recent content by Tired

  1. Tired

    Hello-new birder and can't ID this Heron

    Great Blue Herons can be quite variable, and this fellow's indistinct markings make me think of a juvenile. Juvenile birds of many species often lack markings that the adults have.
  2. Tired

    Copper for self-disinfecting feeders: thoughts?

    I'm not sure that article is quite correct in calling copper a toxic metal, at least for the purposes of cooking with it. It's toxic to aquatic invertebrates like shrimp, but as far as I know, it doesn't harm vertebrates in any reasonable amount. Unless they're fish swimming in a ton of the...
  3. Tired

    Bird poo pollution posters

    Feeding the gulls human food isn't going to be great for the gulls, so it's probably a good thing if people quit feeding them, but I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it. Heck, they could just go with "feeding the gulls in human spaces makes them poop in human spaces, and we want them...
  4. Tired

    Fiction Books on Birds

    Yeah, the film made the story pretty generic. It was still a gorgeous film, though, and fun to watch. I do recommend it, as an aside. I wish it had done better in the box office, so maybe we would have gotten an equally pretty sequel. Apparently the long, confusing name, and possibly the rather...
  5. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'European Robin'

    Aw, poor thing is in the awkward stage of molting, looks like. Lovely shot! Though the bird would probably like to not be seen looking so rumpled.
  6. Tired

    Birds currently following my brother at 11pm in Utrecht, Netherlands

    Ah, yeah, it being multiple unrelated pairs would make a lot of sense. Though, he did pick up a silver bird pendant on the ground earlier that day, so he might just be haunted. (Joking about the haunting, but not about the pendant.)
  7. Tired

    Birds currently following my brother at 11pm in Utrecht, Netherlands

    Interesting, thank you. Is there any reason they would be following someone from that far overhead, or was that likely just coincidence?
  8. Tired

    Downy fledgling staying on the ground

    That's pretty much normal behavior for fledgelings. They're often rather stupid, having not yet learned what to be afraid of. If he ever doesn't move from somewhere dangerous, it's OK to pick him up and move him a short distance- his parents won't abandon him, and it's better than him doing...
  9. Tired

    Keep your cat inside during spring

    Don't let your cat kill any wildlife, including voles, and don't blame the birds for behaving as instinct teaches them to. That's nature. They scare each other away, and eat each other.
  10. Tired

    Birds currently following my brother at 11pm in Utrecht, Netherlands

    Whatever these birds are, they've been following my brother for at least a quarter mile, circling above him and calling. They're staying far up, so I assume it's coincidence? But we're still curious what they are. I thought maybe barn owls, since they're out at night and seem to have rounded...
  11. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'Himalayas - 616 : Plumbeous Water-redstart- lovely action call- Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari & Alok Tewari'

    What nice footage! I'm sure this is very impressive if you're a Redstart, but all I can think is "oh, how cute".
  12. Tired

    Copper for self-disinfecting feeders: thoughts?

    Copper is known to kill many different bacteria and viruses on contact, in times ranging from a few minutes, to a few hours, to a couple of days. It's so effective that, if a hospital ward coats its heavily touched surfaces in copper, it can see up to a 51% decrease in hospital-acquired...
  13. Tired

    Question regarding decapitated heads on dead birds

    It probably depends on what animal you're dealing with. I know some housecats will kill a bird, then eat just the head. Maybe they want the brain, maybe they like the crunch.
  14. Tired

    Bird at Feeder (Central Alberta/Saskatchewan in Canada)

    That's a female House Sparrow, though it does seem to be a slightly larger one than I usually see. Maybe she had some genetic dice rolls align to make her unusually big.
  15. Tired

    Manky mallard maybe

    A mallard-like duck, seen at a park, with an unusual amount of white, is almost guaranteed to have at least some percentage of domestic mallard ancestry. Really, any mallards you find at city parks are likely to be at least part domesticated bird. Aside from ducks occasionally escaping from...