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Recent content by Tired

  1. Common Nighthawk (I believe)

    Common Nighthawk (I believe)

    I happened to spot this lovely creature on the wire overhead while driving home, and, of course, had to go and get my camera. I've seen nighthawks before, but they're always high and fast-moving, identifiable by wing shape and bars more than anything. Never seen one perched. This seems like an...
  2. For Illustrative Purposes

    For Illustrative Purposes

    Re. my other photo. That little dot on the line is a nighthawk, fast asleep. Seems like an odd place for an evening-flying bird to sleep, though I suppose this is a good place to avoid predators. I had also wondered, albeit somewhat jokingly, if it might be deaf and unable to be disturbed by all...
  3. Best Angle for Herons

    Best Angle for Herons

    Spotted this fellow foraging for sticks over the shaded viewing area of the tiger exhibit. I got a few nice photos, but this one is my favorite; googly eyes!
  4. Tired

    How long fledged robins stay on the ground?

    I'm not familiar with what I assume are European robins based on your location flag, but fledgelings of most songbirds are flightless for a couple of days to something like a week. I'm also not certain whether chicken wire will deter cats all that well, skilled climbers that they are. Maybe if...
  5. Tired

    What percentage or birds that pair for life . . .

    Hello! A difficult part of answering your question is that it can be tricky to know whether an observed pair of birds is actually entirely monogamous. Without banding both of them and watching, it's hard to know if, say, a specific female is entertaining the attentions of a male other than the...
  6. Tired

    One-way window film: the world's best cat TV.

    I have had doves get engrossed in slapping at their reflections. They don't seem to hurt themselves any, and it's fun to watch + incredibly entertaining for the cats, so I consider that a side benefit. The feeder is inactive currently due to me not refilling it (bird flu concerns), but I did...
  7. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'Hooded mergansers'

    Gorgeous shot of some beautiful birds! I'm jealous; I need to find myself some of these lovelies.
  8. Tired

    Birding Yucatan Peninsula and Southern Chiapas/Guatemala

    https://thisiscozumel.com/tours/packagedetails/cozumel-amateur-bird-watching-tour This is the tour I took that wound up netting me a Cozumel Emerald and a Cozumel Vireo. Can't recommend this guide enough; he's very enthusiastic about everything, and knows a lot of good places. The hummingbirds...
  9. Tired

    Birding Yucatan Peninsula and Southern Chiapas/Guatemala

    Are you able to get over to Cozumel to try and spot the Cozumel Emerald? Beautiful little hummingbird. Not sure how far that is from you. If you wind up going, you're likely to also see a lot of Green-breasted Mangoes.
  10. Tired

    Spring migration in Port Aransas- how to know when to go?

    Works for me, thanks. I saw the Whooping Cranes in November a couple years ago. They're gorgeous birds, but I'm more after the songbirds for this trip, with a side dish of whatever small waterbirds and shorebirds I can find. I'm hoping for a Least Bittern.
  11. Tired

    Thoughts ? on Binocular Colors

    Binoculars are a tool, but there's no harm in having a touch of aesthetic to one's tools, particularly for things that we tend to try to protect from mud and banging-up at least a little. Patterns are a nice way to do that. As to the sand-colored binoculars evidently being more popular with...
  12. Tired

    Comment by 'Tired' in media 'Strawberry Poison-dart Frog (bluejean morph), vocalizing'

    Oh, what a little darling! These always look almost like they're made of glass. Was it calling, or trying to threat display? The posture seems a little unusual.
  13. Tired

    Spring migration in Port Aransas- how to know when to go?

    I want to take a trip down to Port Aransas this spring, both to collect some sea life (mostly snails) for my reef aquarium and to see what I can spot for the spring migration. I'd like to go as close to the peak as possible, and I know that peak time can vary a bit year to year. Is there...
  14. Tired

    Your WORST identifiable photos

    I'm back! This one's a lifer, and a bird I've been trying to find for literally two years. Been hoping to spot one every time I go out. Yesterday, I looked out the window on the way to breakfast, and one was sat not 10 feet from me. Ran back upstairs, grabbed the camera, got this one photo...
  15. Tired

    Hello-new birder and can't ID this Heron

    Great Blue Herons can be quite variable, and this fellow's indistinct markings make me think of a juvenile. Juvenile birds of many species often lack markings that the adults have.