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Recent content by Tord S Eriksson

  1. Tord S Eriksson

    What is this butterfly?!

    My wife caught this out in the wild today, in Southern Sweden. Can't find it in our reference books, nor anywhere else.
  2. Tord S Eriksson

    Sigma 100-400 Contemporary

    The fairly new Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM (introduced in February 2017) is a pure delight, far better than the Nikon 80-400G I used to own, and costing less than a third. Compared to the also impressive Panasonic-Leica 100-400 it is marginally bigger but lacks a tripod mount (the only...
  3. Tord S Eriksson

    Blackbird legs

    Hello, The blackbirds around here in Gothenburg all have blackish legs, except the females that are lighter greyish. But in a bird book about birds in Thailand, I found that the Common Blackbird (Turdus merula) was supposed to have yellow legs. That must be a mistake by the artist?! Or are...
  4. Blackbird


    Recently our balcony has become the resting place for a handful of blackbirds. They sit on the balustrade, looking out, or look for something edible on the balcony itself. They are three males (at least) and a single female, and the smaller of the male chases away the other males, most of the...
  5. Great tit, on the move!

    Great tit, on the move!

    It came, stole a nut and was off again, within a second.
  6. Blue tit

    Blue tit

    A common bird in many parts of Europe, a Blue tit, male.
  7. Female house sparrow

    Female house sparrow

    A drab bird, very common in Sweden.
  8. Tord S Eriksson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Barnacle goose'

    A whole gaggle of Barnacles landed just outside the hide, so it was pretty easy to get a good shot, but the light was quite bad, so some skill in post-processing noise was needed.
  9. Tord S Eriksson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Eurasian lapwing'

    Thanks a lot for the kind words, Della, Kits and Mohamad!
  10. Tord S Eriksson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Barnacle goose'

    Thanks all, and yes, it is a lovely bird! Many have much bigger black patch on the top of their heads, but as I wrote, not a safe way of deciding their age. Some get a yellow tone on their chins, but again, no sure indicator of age.
  11. Barnacle goose

    Barnacle goose

    Nowadays a fairly common bird in parts of Sweden, they were very rare when I was young, and almost none bred here. The only safe way of identifying the age of a barnacle goose is looking at its light-coloured side 'panels'. If they have a slightly striped pattern, like this one, it a full...
  12. Tord S Eriksson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Eurasian lapwing'

    The grazed areas around the Ottenby Bird Station is in October quite crowded by Eurasian lapwings, which you can get very close as long as you stay very still, or remain in your car. And occasionally great flocks of lapwings pass by on their way southward. The bird in the shot is a female, as...
  13. Eurasian lapwing

    Eurasian lapwing

    A lovely bird, as pretty in flight, as well on the ground. The small crest on the head tells you that we're are dealing with a female. There are many species of lapwings around the world, and their behaviour on the ground is similar, and their aerobatic capabilities are awesome.
  14. Tord S Eriksson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Goldcrest'

    Thanks for the kind remarks! Tord
  15. Tord S Eriksson

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Eurasian Robin'

    Thanks, Kit!