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Recent content by VATH 82

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    Lynx-BirdLife Taxonomic Checklist

    Sayonara Sayonara...goodbye in Japanese Cyanide...goodbye in any language
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    The last post...

    Yes the BOU Council have mortally wounded themselves over that matter.
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    BOU TSC disbanded

    It's forward to the past for the genera of Gulls, Wood-warblers and Finches, at least, if BOU adopt Birdlife taxonomy. I wonder if BBRC will automatically follow the BOU if Birdlife taxonomy is the norm?
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    BOU TSC disbanded

    Hello Richard I know the following does not affect the British List...If say either Clements or IOC is adopted the number of Macaronesian Shearwaters in the totals seen in Britain is going to be decimated. Incidentally I'm making HBW/Birdlife International...
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    Latest Texas State List in Excel Format

    Can anyone supply me with an up to date list of Texas in excel format. Please PM me if you can. I am a British bird who has visited Texas. Many Thanks ...Bob Henry
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    AERC TAC recommendations 2015

    Also no mention of Scopoli's Shearwater.
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    Grey-cheeked or gray-cheeked thrush?

    I prefer that sentence to read...This is just a difference between English and American English.
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    Slender-billed Curlew.

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    Long staying rarities

    James...You were right that the possibility of west African race of Little Tern had held the record up.This was dismissed after recordings of the west African subspecies had been obtained.On the House Crow, this could be an extreme stayer.
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    Long staying rarities

    James...The Least tern at Rye Harbour was accepted but only as a subspecies of Little Tern. The BOURC-TSC being, I think, isolated in their view, among taxonomic authorities, as not accepting antillarum as a species.
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    Long staying rarities

    Spanish Sparrow Spanish Sparrow at Waterside, Cumbria from July 1996 to December 1998.Surely one of the longer, continuous-staying passerine vagrants.
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    English compound names

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    Splits and Ticks

    Jim I think if you saw the salient features of Lilian's Meadowlark.It would be ok to tick it.
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    Cornwall Birding

    Mark I don't understand "quite yellow above" please explain