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Recent content by Vectis Birder

  1. Vectis Birder

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Glossy Ibis
  2. Vectis Birder

    Chlidonias Goes To Asia, part three: 2013

    I read those avidly at school, and one day the librarian criticised me for borrowing yet another one as she didn't approve of me reading what she thought wasn't appropriate literature for girls (I hated the girlie lit. Judy Blume? Ugh, no thanks. I'd far rather have read adventure stories). I...
  3. Vectis Birder

    Your favorite bird family?

    Hard to give just one, but I especially like chats, hummingbirds, sunbirds, bowerbirds, tanagers and kingfishers.
  4. Vectis Birder

    Petition to Ban diclofenac

  5. Vectis Birder

    Travelling from England to Channel Islands by boat

    I doubt the fast catamarans, such as the Condor Vitesse, are the best ships to sea watch from. You had access to the bridge for your survey, which the general birding public won't have, I'm not sure that the fast ferries have any outside deck space (if they're like the similar ones that used to...
  6. Vectis Birder

    My Cairns city block list.

    That was my favourite part of that mixed-bag Aussie trip. I'll be back in Australia in just over three weeks time, but only in and around the Sydney area plus a trip out to the Warrumbungles. It's a short trip this time, just three weeks.
  7. Vectis Birder

    My Cairns city block list.

    Reading this brings back memories, was it really five years ago...?
  8. Vectis Birder

    Sydney area, mid to late March

    I am going to be in Sydney between 20th and 25th March and then 27th and 28th March and Newcastle on 25th and 26th March. Are there any birders who'd like to meet up? I have been to Sydney before and, last time, met up with Rob Hynson for birding. I think I probably still owe Rob some petrol...
  9. Vectis Birder

    Signs of spring

    I saw a Chiffchaff feeding yesterday, but it's likely to have been one that over-wintered here. Also heard a Song Thrush. There was a bit of birdsong as I left the house at first light to go to work this morning.
  10. Vectis Birder

    What Landscape lens

    I have a 24-105 which I use on a Canon 6D. It's pretty good for landscape views.
  11. Vectis Birder

    Full frame query.

    Your dickhead comment reminds me of being in a hide on a nature reserve once, a Bittern showed, and I mean really showed, walking in the open, and - right at the crucial moment - a bloke with a point-and-shoot shoved me out of the way so he could get a photo, so I missed the shot. Needless to...
  12. Vectis Birder

    How many bird books have you got?

    I have quite a lot (they fill an entire bookcase) but nowhere near 399. In addition to field guides, I've got birders' biographies and autobiographies.
  13. Vectis Birder

    Tamron SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 DI IF VC USD

    I keep looking at this lens and the reviews and thinking maybe I'll get it then thinking no I won't bother. Sumeet Moghe's review makes it even more tempting to succumb and get one.
  14. Vectis Birder

    Chlidonias Goes To Asia, part three: 2013

    In fairness, I should point out I have also been "taken for a ride" in London too.