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Recent content by vinividivici

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    I would be interested in it too, thanks in advance
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    The Eponym Dictionary of Birds

    Thanks Laurent - that sounds very convincing. The following newspaper notices announcing Hermann Schlegel's and Cornelia Buddingh's daughter (1838), Cornelia's death (1864), and a thank-you for condolences received after her death (1865) all consistently mention her name as "Buddingh" without...
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    The Eponym Dictionary of Birds

    Would agree that it is a rare sight indeed to see apostrophes used in family names. But apparently this is an exception. There was a Dutch poet (C. Buddingh' - Wikipedia) with the same last name (incl. apostrophe). And on a sidenote, I see that there have been discussions online on how to...
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    Myzomela wakoloensis elisabethae van Oort, 1911

    I suspect that the wrong Elisabeth might be referred to here... If we are to look up Van Oort (1911: 59 v.34 (1911-1912) - Notes from the Leyden Museum. - Biodiversity Heritage Library), we read in the introductory line: "The new birds, of which the descriptions follow here, have been collected...
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    Zosterops dehaani van Bemmel, 1939

    Dear all, I fear that there has maybe been a misunderstanding with regards to the nature of De Haan’s internment. The newspaper magazine that you - Laurent - found indeed reports that De Haan has been among people captured. But upon closer reading, it is evident that it was the Dutch government...
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    Pternistis squamatus doni (Benson, 1939)

    The Eponym Dictionary of Birds claims: To facilitate searching, “Witwaterstrand” [sic] should be Witwatersrand - to be clear: not a typo by you, Martin, but by Beolens et al. (2014)
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    Dicrurus hottentottus faberi Hoogerwerf, 1962

    The birth date of Dirk Anthonie Faber - September 29th, 1925 (Medan, Sumatra) - may be found in the following two newspaper announcements. Note that the surname of the mother corresponds with that given in the death certificate retrieved by both Laurent and Roland...
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    Psilopogon henricii (Temminck, 1831)

    Although no explicit etymological comment accompanied the original description of Dammeria henrici Hartert, 1899 - a year later, Hartert (1900: 15) shed some light on the name's derivation, when he stated "Mr. Heinrich Kühn sent nine specimens of this most interesting bird. The bird is named in...
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    Psilopogon henricii (Temminck, 1831)

    For (slightly) more on him, please see: https://biblio.naturalsciences.be/rbins-publications/bulletin-of-the-royal-belgian-institute-of-natural-sciences-biologie/bulletin-of-the-royal-belgian-institute-of-natural-sciences-biology/77-2007/biologie-2007-77_5-22.pdf
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    Cranioleuca henricae Maijer & Fjeldså, 1997

    Sadly it seems she passed away last year: https://mensenlinq.nl/overlijdensberichten/henrica-gertruida-truus-maijer-van-der-werf-8804595/
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    Phasianus michailowski Zadury, 1909

    With regards to your P.S., and the wikipedia-page you provide, it says so right there... If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll find that rotmistr (in Latin alphabet; in Cyrillic ротмистр) is the Russian equivalent of Rittmeister.
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    Heteroglaucis philippinae T. E. Penard, 1922

    This confirms 1926 as year of her death, although day is regrettably not specified here (but narrowed down to 17-24 December at least)...
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    Pitta elegans maria ... Marie's or Maria's!?

    Here a birth advertisement of someone that could fit the bill - sex, name, approximately right age and born in the Dutch East Indies. But nothing (yet) that links her to M. Th. de Korte, hopefully her father & subsequent civiel gezaghebber on Sumba (note that this island was sometimes referred...
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    "Van-Ernest", mysterious Dutch naturalist of late 18th century

    Thanks for that additional reference re:fish parasite! And Laurent, indeed it crossed my mind too that the name as quoted by Daudin might contain an error or mis-spelling beyond that weird hyphen... On the other hand, with their longer-term correspondence & actually meeting up, that would be...
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    "Van-Ernest", mysterious Dutch naturalist of late 18th century

    Dear people, With some reluctance – because the person is not commemorated in any ornithological eponym – I’d like to ask for your assistance in figuring out who “Van-Ernest” was. Always impressed by what forum members here are able to figure out collectively. He is accredited with the names...