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Recent content by wimvdam

  1. wimvdam

    NocMig Recordings - Why Shotguns or Parabola Mics

    I think it depends on what you are aiming for with your NocMig/NFC recordings. If you want to record as many calls as possible, then, yes, the narrow focus of a shotgun or a parabola would be counterproductive. But, if your goal is to try to ID the calls using their spectrogram, then those...
  2. wimvdam

    ID confirm: Peregrine falcon

    One more vote for Northern Harrier based on owl-like facial features and its behavior of sitting on the ground like that. Wim
  3. wimvdam

    California December Suggestions!

    Don't look at the recommendations from non-birder newspapers and tv channels as they don't know what they are talking about. Instead you can have a look here: https://www.audubon.org/news/birding-california If you don't mind spending a few dollars, you can buy a used copy of Brad Schram's...
  4. wimvdam

    Super High Pitched Whistle at Night?

    Could it be the flight display of an early morning (Costa's) Hummingbird? Wim van Dam Solvang, CA
  5. wimvdam

    Bell's Sparrow

    You're right. I confused myself with this confusing split. Wim
  6. wimvdam

    Bell's Sparrow

    Do you mean A belli, or A belli belli? In 2013 Sage Sparrow (A belli) got split into Sagebrush Sparrow (A nevadensis) and Bell's Sparrow (A belli). So "belli subspecies" can mean at least two things: pre-split meaning: the belli subspecies of the old Sage Sparrow, which is now known as Bell's...
  7. wimvdam

    Where to watch birds in the Central Valley

    California is a big place and its birding organizes itself according to its 58 counties. I still think that this is the best site to start getting oriented: https://fog.ccsf.edu/~jmorlan/county.htm Regarding the Central Valley, this site seems to be a good resource: http://www.cvbirds.org Wim
  8. wimvdam

    Suggestions on birding hotspots in July in California

    In Santa Barbara the Condor Express has daily whale watching trips that I can recommend: https://condorexpress.com Island Packers near Ventura also has good whale watching trips, and on July 15 they have a dedicated pelagic birding trip as well: http://islandpackers.com...
  9. wimvdam

    Suggestions on birding hotspots in July in California

    What part of California are you thinking of visiting? San Francisco, LA, Yosemite? Wim
  10. wimvdam

    Bird clubs in San Bernardino area?

    The links at this site might be helpful: https://fog.ccsf.edu/~jmorlan/sbe.htm Especially the local Yahoo birding group should be able to help you: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/inlandcountybirds/info Wim van Dam Solvang, CA
  11. wimvdam

    Bird watching (and wildlife) Santa Barbara

    Not sure how I missed this post. This reply is likely too late, but here goes. A great source of information on all things birding in Santa Barbara County is here: http://www.sbcobirding.com From there you will find access to the pretty active local newsgroup and a guide to various locations...
  12. wimvdam

    Anyone in San Diego?

    I would try mailing the newsgroup SAN DIEGO REGION BIRDING to get more info: http://birding.aba.org/maillist/CA11 For California counties, that's often where you will find the best expertise. Wim Solvang, CA, USA
  13. wimvdam

    tame Garganeys on wintering grounds?

    Thanks everyone. I agree that this discussion is a lot about "birder behaviour". How this individual ends up in the books probably depends on how many CBRC members make the effort to go out and see it themselves. Wim
  14. wimvdam

    tame Garganeys on wintering grounds?

    Does anyone have experience with wintering Garganeys that behave much more tame than one would typically expect from this species? I'm thinking about hanging out in city ponds, being attracted by kids feeding ducks, that kind of stuff. Are there cases of genuine wild Garganeys that, for one...
  15. wimvdam

    Califorinia (San Francisco Area) in January, what do birders want?

    > Does the ABA guide for Southern California cover San Francisco area? Alas it does not. California is a big and diverse place, so it would help if you could say a bit more about what you are hoping for. If this is your first time visiting the US west coast and you want to get as many...