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Recent content by wsrose

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    Binocular bargains

    Great savings right now on Steiner binos at SportOptics.com
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    Binocular bargains

    https://www.sportoptics.com/swarovski-cl-companion-binoculars-10x30-86245.html https://www.sportoptics.com/swarovski-el-swarovision-10x32-hd-binocular-32210.html Sport Optics has some pretty solid deals on a few older Swaro models right now.
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    Question about Zeiss Terra 8x25

    I REALLY hate that front diopter adjustment on the Zeiss 8x25 pocket. I don't have humungous bear paws for hands but I had so much trouble getting that end adjusted that I wouldn't buy a pair given a choice. I would definitely jump up to the 8x32 for $50 more, it's a much better designed product...
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    Lens Covers - Do You Use Them?

    Generally speaking I have a pair on my windowsill that I keep with no caps, but anything not in use has caps on all the time. I have too many animals to risk damage or stray pet hairs on a lens.
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    Leupold BX-5

    Thank you VERY much, this is basically exactly what I was hoping for.
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    Leupold BX-5

    My employer is about to start carrying the BX-5 and I know literally nothing about them. Does anyone have any insight on what they are going to compare to, quality of the build, glass, coatings, etc? At that price point it seems like it's going to compete with Meopta and Steiner but until I get...
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    Vortex binocular outsourcing

    I sell TONS of Vortex products at my day job, I can provide a little insight into where things are produced. Razor UHD binos are made in Japan. ALL other binos, including Razor HD, are made in China, but I believe the Razor glass is imported from Japan. Don't quote me on that. Razor Spotting...
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    When the Eagle and Red-shouldered Hawk actually have conversation!

    What a cool picture!!!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Question about Windows 10

    Oh yeah KC you're good to go. That's not going to affect Chrome in the slightest.
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    Question about Windows 10

    When you say Windows Subscription, what do you mean exactly? As far as I'm aware, W10 isn't on a subscription model anywhere in the world. Do you mean a Microsoft Office subscription? Chrome shouldn't be affected in any case.
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    NL 10x32 vs SF 10x32

    It is a comparison of specifications, because the binocular quality is so close as to be nearly imperceptible to me. Both produce excellent images, both would work very well for nearly any birder, but I was able to get a clear crisp image from the Zeiss a little closer than I was able to with...
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    NL 10x32 vs SF 10x32

    Slightly better eye relief (19mm vs 18mm), better close focus (6.4 ft vs 6.6 ft), about two oz lighter, a few extra mm on the max IPD. To be blunt, this is nitpicky stuff, but if you're looking to weigh one vs the other this is the kind of thing you're looking for. I think the SF wins at 32...
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    NL 10x32 vs SF 10x32

    On paper, the SF 32 seems marginally better and the price comes in just a tad cheaper than I've seen the NL 32s. Optically, they're both so fantastic, it's hard to judge them against each other. I lean towards Zeiss primarily out of brand loyalty, but I REALLY like the ergonomics of the NL line...
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    Words f****** fail me

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    Leica is not getting the attention it deserves

    Next time I sell a Leica bino, I'll buy you lunch lol