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Recent content by Xenospiza

  1. Xenospiza

    Late butterflies 2021

    Small Copper, Peacock and Red Admiral on Sunday.
  2. Xenospiza

    Late butterflies 2021

    I'm sure I answered this but the post has disappeared. Maybe someone didn't trust my link? They only occur in eastern Germany and the Black Forest – they've been gone for 65 years from where I live (the low west of the country).
  3. Xenospiza

    Guinness Records of Birdwatching

    I think Igonz1088 means: The biggest number of national rarities seen in one day / present in one place in the ABA area / UK / WP? But I don't think Peregrine Falcon is a national rarity! The largest number for a national rare in a day in the Netherlands is probably a flock of 61 Griffon...
  4. Xenospiza

    Miserable Birders???

    There is a guy round my parts who will enter observations of locally rare birds with photo or even video. One time, he entered an observation for a Spotted Redshank at a local marsh, which is rather unsuitable for waders but hey: you never know. His video showed a Spotted Redshank parading past...
  5. Xenospiza

    Horned lark flight call? - Belgium today

    It's a Skylark.
  6. Xenospiza

    Late butterflies 2021

    I had a Camberwell Beauty flying over my head on the 12th at my German local patch. I had been looking for them as there was a small invasion in the Netherlands... just a shame I did not get a picture!
  7. Xenospiza

    Green Listing 2021 - Joint thread

    Two plovers added to my list (Common Ringed and European Golden), sadly both heard only!
  8. Xenospiza

    Walrus in Ireland

    Back at Harlingen Harbour since yesterday evening.
  9. Xenospiza

    Walrus in Ireland

    The other one was on the Dutch mainland yesterday, but unfortunately it doesn't tend to stay anywhere for longer than a day...
  10. Xenospiza

    Green Listing 2021 - Joint thread

    I was too lazy to cycle to a Purple Heron that was 1.5 h away... It was also much easier to photograph from the car (I'll stick to that excuse). (Middle Spotted Woodpecker is not too hard to find for me, but I still enjoyed adding it to my "house list" this week!)
  11. Xenospiza

    Eurasian water shrew? Texel [Netherlands]

    Yes, it only arrived some 15 years ago, quickly followed by Barn Owl!
  12. Xenospiza

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    You can also fly from Salalah to Muscat to avoid the drive. I'd assume quite a few Caribbean islands are easy enough on your own (I've only been to Aruba which does not have much to go for, although finding a new bird for the island is quite easy). Driving around in SE Brazil is easy enough...
  13. Xenospiza

    Miserable Birders???

    Such clothing is readily available for women, but I don't think it would be a good idea to go birding dressed like that...
  14. Xenospiza

    Miserable Birders???

    Patterned camouflage wear is famously forbidden in Trinidad and Tobago. Wearing army-like camouflage is also a bad idea if you are in a country where guerilla-or poacher-like types are likely to meet a "shoot first, ask questions later" policy. These chances are minimal (I hope!) at your local...
  15. Xenospiza

    Plant IDs x6

    3. looks like a labiate, e.g. Wild Marjoram. Check if it smells in any way nice. 5. A Hydrangea. 6. Could be Oleander.