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    Evening Grosbeak

    Evening Grosbeak is always a great bird for me, it's no Sharp-tailed Grouse, but not a bad consolation prize...especially since it was a first look for you!
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    ID help - Freeport Texas USA

    This is tough one, but I am also leaning towards Orange-crowned Warbler here.
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    American Woodcock

    Peter C. is spot on, woodcocks are usually pretty hard to see most of the day, but get them when they are displaying and you won't be sorry!
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    Hawks at my feeder :(

    This topic seems to come up a lot here! The best advice I know is that if you see a raptor watching your feeders regularly, you should just shut them down for a few days. By most accounts these are rare and opportunistic moments and as far as I know there is no real evidence that Accipters at...
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    Bacon & Eggs, Falcons, Dragons and Waterbirds

    Nice blog @Seashore...the Pink-eared Duck is superb!
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    How long have you waited for a bird to show?

    I spent nearly two whole days perched on a rock to get good looks at CipĆ³ Canasterno.
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    Found Baby Hummingbird

    @fugl is right, this nestling represents a big investment, so I think if you put the nest back in place more or less and keep your distance it should be ok.
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    Delta del Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain)

    This sounds like a hot spot to go birding, I'm a bit jealous really.
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    Mourning doves

    Welcome to the forum! You will find lot's of sage advice here...let the nest be and hope for the best.
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    Cats - Not Raptors: No surprise there

    Thanks Andy, didn't make the connection, my bad. Nonetheless, the ABC take on the study is better than that of the NY Times, as we might expect. Both include a link to the actual paper, so I suggest accessing it via ABC. http://www.abcbirds.org/newsandreports/releases/110314.html
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    Cats - Not Raptors: No surprise there

    This thread is polluted with opinions and hunches, so I thought everyone might like to get past emotions and learn about a recently published study that shows the affect of domestic cats on, of all things...oh the irony...Catbirds in Washington DC suburbs. Following is the link to a NY Times...
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    Birds in Song Titles

    How could I forget! The Eagle and The Hawk by John Denver YES!
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    New Species of Antpitta from Colombia

    The plot thickens! Mailing an envelope with some feathers, a collector name, and a locality and expecting it to be cataloged just reeks of desperation.
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    america guide to birds

    The more guides you have at your fingertips the better, of course, but I still think Sibley leads the pack and I don't mind carrying it in the field.
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    Hummingbird Nest Webcam

    Excellent webcam footage! But...I'm afraid I also don't know a thing about how to treat your rose bush. There are a lot of smart people lurking on this forum though, so I suspect someone will have a cure for you...good luck!