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Recent content by YuShan

  1. YuShan

    Walking boots

    Walking shoes/ boots are too personal to give any useful recommendation, imo. What works wonderful for me can be a nightmare for you and the other way around. :) But for what it is worth: I have literally walked thousands of miles on Meindl Bhutan, often carrying lots of weight too. I'm on my...
  2. YuShan

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    All my trips are solo, backpack style, ultra low budget, no car hire, no guides and no expensive lodges. I love walking and camping in the wild where I can. If not, I stay in the cheapest accomodation. Although not exclusively birding trips, they always have a high birding / nature experience...
  3. YuShan

    Miserable Birders???

    "Competitive birding" :D It took me a few years to figure out that is actually a thing! I always thought birders were just nature lovers. But I'm a solitary birder and I don't go on tours so that helps.
  4. YuShan

    My Swifts have gone

    One this afternoon (New Forest)
  5. YuShan

    My Swifts have gone

    Two Swifts this morning above Pennington Marsh ( and tons of Swallows).
  6. YuShan

    Windows 11?

    Main thing is that W11 apparently cannot be installed anymore without internet and a Microsoft account. So we need to see if proper hacks are available when W10 stops updating.
  7. YuShan

    My Swifts have gone

    Still saw a group of them last Tuesday (near south coast)
  8. YuShan

    Name a Bird You've Seen 2

    Haven't the recent splits created a few new birds? More to play!
  9. YuShan

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    No lifers this year due to no international travel. But I got 5 armchair ticks due to splits when I updated to the the latest version of Scythebill. (Tropical Gnatcatcher, Pied Myna and Rufous-capped Warbler split in two and Greyish Saltator split in three)
  10. YuShan

    Bird - Handa Island

    Juvenile wheatears confuse many birders, including myself when I first saw one. I agree that Handa Island is wonderful!
  11. YuShan

    Grizzley shot

    "Ms Lokan and her two companions, who were staying in a separate tent, then removed food from their tents and secured them before going back to sleep. But the bear returned shortly afterwards, leading to the fatal attack." Keeping food in your tent in grizzly country is a definite no-no...
  12. YuShan

    Northern Ecuador 2-Weeks in February, 2022

    Nice to hear that! It wasn't even written for a birding audience (but I couldn't help myself)
  13. YuShan

    Northern Ecuador 2-Weeks in February, 2022

    Not sure if it helps or inspires you in any way, but in 2016 I have done a solo birding trip to Ecuador without guides on a seriously low budget. It involved some camping too, but €1480 (including the €653 return flight from London) for almost two months in Ecuador isn't bad I think :) I found...
  14. YuShan

    Lost sound on Win10

    I made the change only a few months ago. But because I heard about so many problems from other people, I made it a dual-boot system so I can still use my old W7 install on the same PC if I want to. However, W10 works great on my machine (against all expectations) and I love it now. So I haven't...
  15. YuShan

    'Bird you would most want to hear on the last day of your life

    When I was Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018, this was the sound of the forests of the Sierra Nevada. Wonderful memories :)