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Blue-headed Pitta

From Opus

MalePhoto © by horukuruDanum Valley Sabah, Borneo, March 2011
Photo © by horukuru
Danum Valley Sabah, Borneo, March 2011
Hydrornis baudii


[edit] Identification

17 cm (6¾ in)

  • Blue crown
  • Black cheeks
  • Reddish-brown mantle
  • Black wings marked with white
  • Blue tail
  • White throat
  • Deep violet-blue underparts


FemalePhoto © by dandsblairDanum, Borneo, September 2015
Photo © by dandsblair
Danum, Borneo, September 2015
  • Buff crown and upperparts
  • Buffy cheeks to vent

Juveniles are similar to females but duller, have a dark brown breast and brown and golden marbled underparts.

[edit] Distribution

Endemic to Borneo.
A locally common species but with a patchy distribution. Threatened by rapid deforestation.

[edit] Taxonomy

This is a monotypic species[1].
Formlery placed in genus Pitta and sometimes in its own genus Iridipitta.

[edit] Habitat

Dense cover in moist lowland forests to 600m. Often close to rivers.

[edit] Behaviour

A shy and secretive species.

[edit] Diet

Feeds on earthworms, beetles, ants, grasshoppers, caterpillars and other arthropods.
Feeds among leaf litter by turning over leaves.

[edit] Breeding

The few breeding records suggest a breeding season from March to October. A recorded nest was domed, made of dead leaves and herbs and placed 0.5m above the ground. The clutch consisted of 2 eggs.

[edit] Movements

Probably a sedentary species.

[edit] References

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