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Buff-breasted Wren

From Opus

Cantorchilus leucotis

Thryothorus leucotis


[edit] Identification

  • Buff breast
  • Rufous belly
  • Black barred wings and tail
  • Sides of head streaked black and white
  • Narrow white supercilium

[edit] Similar Species

Long-billed Wren

[edit] Distribution

Central and South America
Central America: found only in Panama
South America: Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay

[edit] Taxonomy

Was formerly placed in genus Thryothorus like all other species of the genus Cantorchilus.

[edit] Subspecies[1]

There are 11 subspecies:

  • C. l. galbraithii: Eastern Panama and north-western Colombia (northern Chocó and northern Antioquia)
  • C. l. conditus: Pearl Islands and Coiba Island (Gulf of Panama)
  • C. l. leucotis: Northern Colombia (western slope of Santa Marta Mountains to Magdalena Valley)
  • C. l. collinus: Northern Colombia (northern Guajira Peninsula in Serranía de Macuira)
  • C. l. venezuelanus: Northern tropical Colombia and north-western Venezuela
  • C. l. zuliensis: Eastern Colombia (Norte de Santander) to western Venezuela
  • C. l. peruanus: South-eastern Colombia to eastern Ecuador, eastern Peru, northern Bolivia and western Amazonian Brazil
  • C. l. bogotensis: Llanos of eastern Colombia to central Venezuela
  • C. l. hypoleucus: Llanos of north central Venezuela
  • C. l. albipectus: North-eastern Venezuela to the Guianas, north-eastern Brazil and northern Mato Grosso
  • C. l. rufiventris: Eastern Brazil (southern Maranhão to Piauí, Goiás, Minas Gerais and São Paulo)

[edit] Habitat

Wide variety of forest, woodland, edges, and clearings to less than 1000 m asl.; often near water.

[edit] Behaviour

Has reputation for being retiring but curious. Usually as pairs or small flocks.

Most frequent in vine tangles up to sub-canopy, sometimes on the ground.

[edit] References

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