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California Towhee

From Opus

Subspecies M. c. seniculaPhoto © by LeslieNewbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, California, 17 January 2004
Subspecies M. c. senicula
Photo © by Leslie
Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, California, 17 January 2004
Melozone crissalis

Pipilo crissalis


[edit] Identification

A drab, chunky, long-tailed bird of dense thickets.

[edit] Similar Species

Both this species and its close relative the Canyon Towhee have reddish-brown undertail coverts. The California Towhee can be separated by the additional reddish-brown color on the bird's face and the faint streaking on the breast. The Canyon Towhee has a paler face pattern with more contrast and darker spots on the breast.

[edit] Distribution

Southern Oregon, California, and Baja California in Mexico.

[edit] Taxonomy

Was formerly placed in genus Pipilo.

Formerly considered conspecific with the Canyon Towhee under the name Brown Towhee.

Subspecies M. c. petulans/crissalis Photo © by Joseph MorlanCoyote Point Recreation Area, San Mateo, California, USA, 25 November 2018
Subspecies M. c. petulans/crissalis
Photo © by Joseph Morlan
Coyote Point Recreation Area, San Mateo, California, USA, 25 November 2018

[edit] Subspecies

Eight subspecies are recognized1:

  • M. c. bullata: Semi-arid south-western Oregon and extreme north-central California
  • M. c. carolae: Interior California (Humboldt County to Kern County)
  • M. c. petulans : Coastal northern California (Humboldt County to Santa Cruz County)
  • M. c. crissalis: Coastal central California (northern Monterey to Kern and Ventura counties)
  • M. c. eremophila: East-central California (Argus Mountains and north-western San Bernardino County)
  • M. c. senicula: Coastal southern California (Los Angeles County) and north-western Baja California
  • M. c. aripolia: Central Baja California (latitude 29°N to 26°30'N)
  • M. c. albigula: Cape district of southern Baja California

An additional subspecies wrangeli is generally considered invalid3.

[edit] Habitat

Dense thickets, especially near water. The California Towhee has greater tolerance for human disturbance than the Spotted Towhee and will nest in built-up areas where bushes and ground cover are present.

[edit] Behaviour

Typically scratches on the ground with both feet at once. They will often run when disturbed rather than taking flight, and in urban areas, this bird will scurry beneath parked cars as if hiding in brush.

[edit] Diet

Forages in leaf litter, often in pairs. The bird can often be heard scratching among the leaves long before it is visible.

[edit] Vocalisation

The typical call note is a loud and metallic pink, which may be repeated in a series with varying whistled notes.

[edit] References

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