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Cape Francolin

From Opus

MalePhoto © by MybsDe Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa, March 2004
Photo © by Mybs
De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa, March 2004

Alternative names: Cape Spurfowl

Pternistis capensis


[edit] Identification

Length 40-43 cm (17"), mass 636-1018 g. A large, dark spurfowl.
Adult: Dark cap contrasts with paler cheeks; legs and feet dull red. Upper mandible dark, lower mandible dull orange, cere dull yellow. Males and females are alike, except that females have only a rudimentary spur on the back of their tarsi.

[edit] Similar Species

ChickPhoto © by max1 Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa, November 2019
Photo © by max1
Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa, November 2019

Pale cheeks contrasting with dark cap distinguish this species from other large Francolins and Spurfowl. Overlaps in range only with Red-necked Spurfowl but has no red on throat or around the eyes.

[edit] Distribution

Western South Africa and extreme southern Namibia.

[edit] Taxonomy

This is a monotypic species[1].
Formerly placed in genus Francolinus. This generic change is a consequence of a proposed revision to Francolinus by Crowe et. al. (1992)[6] which divides the genus up into four different genera. However, these name changes are not without controversy.[8]. Some authors lump this species with the Natal Spurfowl.

[edit] Habitat

Lowland fynbos, fields, gardens; riparian thickets in the Karoo.

[edit] Behaviour

Conspicuous; a bold scavenger at many picnic sites, runs rather than flies when disturbed. Usually in pairs or small coveys.

[edit] Diet

Eats invertebrates, bulbs, corms, seeds, and fruit.

[edit] Breeding

Probably monogamous and territorial. The nest is a well-concealed shallow scrape in the ground, lined with grass. Four to eight eggs are laid (mainly August to December in the south-west) and incubated for about 23 days by the female. Chicks are brooded by both parents (and sometimes also other related hens).

[edit] Vocalisation

Commonly heard call is a loud, screeching, "cackalac-cackalac-cacalac."

[edit] Movements


[edit] References

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