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From Opus

Family: Acrocephalidae

[edit] Description

Reed-Warblers and Allies

[edit] Taxonomy

Acrocephalidae is a family in the order Passeriformes.
All four genera were formerly included in the family Sylviidae.

Family Acrocephalidae viewedit

Genus Nesillas viewedit
N. aldabrana
Aldabra Brush Warbler
N. longicaudata Anjouan Brush Warbler
N. typica Madagascar Brush Warbler
N. lantzii Subdesert Brush Warbler
N. brevicaudata Grand Comoro Brush Warbler
N. mariae Moheli Brush Warbler

Genus Calamonastides viewedit
C. gracilirostris Papyrus Yellow Warbler

Genus Arundinax viewedit
A. aedon Thick-billed Warbler

Genus Iduna viewedit
I. caligata Booted Warbler
I. rama Sykes's Warbler
I. pallida Eastern Olivaceous Warbler
I. opaca Western Olivaceous Warbler
I. natalensis African Yellow Warbler
I. similis Mountain Yellow Warbler

Genus Hippolais viewedit
H. languida Upcher's Warbler
H. olivetorum Olive-tree Warbler
H. polyglotta Melodious Warbler
H. icterina Icterine Warbler

Genus Acrocephalus viewedit
A. paludicola Aquatic Warbler
A. bistrigiceps Black-browed Reed Warbler
A. sorghophilus Streaked Reed Warbler
A. melanopogon Moustached Warbler
A. schoenobaenus Sedge Warbler
A. agricola Paddyfield Warbler
A. concinens Blunt-winged Warbler
A. tangorum Manchurian Reed Warbler
A. dumetorum Blyth's Reed Warbler
A. orinus Large-billed Reed Warbler
A. palustris Marsh Warbler
A. scirpaceus Eurasian Reed Warbler
A. baeticatus African Reed Warbler
A. griseldis Basra Reed Warbler
A. gracilirostris Lesser Swamp Warbler
A. rufescens Greater Swamp Warbler
A. brevipennis Cape Verde Swamp Warbler
A. newtoni Madagascar Swamp Warbler
A. rodericanus Rodrigues Warbler
A. sechellensis Seychelles Warbler
A. arundinaceus Great Reed Warbler
A. orientalis Oriental Reed Warbler
A. stentoreus Clamorous Reed Warbler
A. luscinius
Nightingale Reed Warbler
A. hiwae Saipan Reed Warbler
A. australis Australian Reed Warbler
A. syrinx Caroline Reed Warbler
A. nijoi
Aguiguan Reed Warbler
A. aequinoctialis Kiritimati Reed Warbler
A. mendanae Southern Marquesan Reed Warbler
A. yamashinae
Pagan Reed Warbler
A. rehsei Nauru Reed Warbler
A. familiaris Millerbird
A. vaughani Pitcairn Reed Warbler
A. taiti Henderson Island Reed Warbler
A. kerearako Cook Islands Reed Warbler
A. rimitarae Rimatara Reed Warbler
A. musae
Society Islands Reed Warbler
A. caffer Tahiti Reed Warbler
A. longirostris Moorea Reed Warbler
A. percernis Northern Marquesan Reed Warbler
A. atyphus Tuamotu Reed Warbler
A. astrolabii
Mangareva Reed Warbler


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