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Family: Artamidae

[edit] Description

Woodswallows, Bellmagpies, and Allies.
All members of this family occur from Australia to Southeast and South Asia with most of them occurring in New Guinea and/or Australia.

The family includes:

  • Woodswallows
  • Currawongs
  • Butcherbirds
  • Australian Magpie
  • The flycatcher-like Peltops

[edit] Taxonomy

Artamidae is a family in the Order Passeriformes.
The family Cracticidae has recently been merged into Artamidae.

Family Artamidae viewedit

Genus Artamus viewedit
A. fuscus Ashy Woodswallow
A. mentalis Fiji Woodswallow
A. monachus Ivory-backed Woodswallow
A. maximus Great Woodswallow
A. leucorynchus White-breasted Woodswallow
A. insignis Bismarck Woodswallow
A. personatus Masked Woodswallow
A. superciliosus White-browed Woodswallow
A. cinereus Black-faced Woodswallow
A. cyanopterus Dusky Woodswallow
A. minor Little Woodswallow

Genus Peltops viewedit
P. montanus Mountain Peltops
P. blainvillii Lowland Peltops

Genus Cracticus viewedit
C. mentalis Black-backed Butcherbird
C. torquatus Grey Butcherbird
C. argenteus Silver-backed Butcherbird
C. cassicus Hooded Butcherbird
C. louisiadensis Tagula Butcherbird
C. nigrogularis Pied Butcherbird
C. quoyi Black Butcherbird

Genus Gymnorhina viewedit
G. tibicen Australian Magpie

Genus Strepera viewedit
S. graculina Pied Currawong
S. fuliginosa Black Currawong
S. versicolor Grey Currawong

[edit] References

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  3. Birdforum thread containing discussions on the merger of Artamidae and Cracticidae


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