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Category:Buteo - BirdForum Opus

Genus: Buteo


About 30 species worldwide except Australasia and Antarctica. Called Hawks in the Americas and Buzzards in Eurasia and Africa.


Buteo is a genus in the family Accipitridae.
Roadside Hawk is now placed in genus Rupornis, White-rumped Hawk in genus Parabuteo and White-tailed Hawk and Variable Hawk in genus Geranoaetus.

Genus Buteo viewedit
B. plagiatus Gray Hawk
B. nitidus Gray-lined Hawk
B. lineatus Red-shouldered Hawk
B. ridgwayi Ridgway's Hawk
B. platypterus Broad-winged Hawk
B. solitarius Hawaiian Hawk
B. brachyurus Short-tailed Hawk
B. albigula White-throated Hawk
B. swainsoni Swainson's Hawk
B. galapagoensis Galapagos Hawk
B. albonotatus Zone-tailed Hawk
B. ventralis Rufous-tailed Hawk
B. jamaicensis Red-tailed Hawk
B. lagopus Rough-legged Buzzard
B. regalis Ferruginous Hawk
B. buteo Common Buzzard
B. refectus Himalayan Buzzard
B. japonicus Eastern Buzzard
B. oreophilus Mountain Buzzard
B. trizonatus Forest Buzzard
B. brachypterus Madagascar Buzzard
B. bannermani Cape Verde Buzzard
B. socotraensis Socotra Buzzard
B. rufinus Long-legged Buzzard
B. hemilasius Upland Buzzard
B. auguralis Red-necked Buzzard
B. augur Augur Buzzard
B. archeri Archer's Buzzard
B. rufofuscus Jackal Buzzard