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Category:Cathartidae - BirdForum Opus



New World vultures and condors.


Cathartidae is a family in the order Accipitriformes (formerly included in Falconiformes). Some authorities place it in its own order, Cathartiformes, after it was misplaced in the order Ciconiiformes for some time.

Family Cathartidae viewedit

Genus Coragyps viewedit
C. atratus Black Vulture

Genus Cathartes viewedit
C. aura Turkey Vulture
C. burrovianus Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
C. melambrotus Greater Yellow-headed Vulture

Genus Gymnogyps viewedit
G. californianus California Condor

Genus Vultur viewedit
V. gryphus Andean Condor

Genus Sarcoramphus viewedit
S. papa King Vulture


SACC proposal to remove Cathartidae from Ciconiiformes summarizing the evidence for and against.


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