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Family: Megapodiidae

[edit] Description

[edit] Taxonomy

Megapodiidae is a family in the order Galliformes.

Family Megapodiidae viewedit

Genus Alectura viewedit
A. lathami Australian Brushturkey

Genus Aepypodius viewedit
A. arfakianus Wattled Brushturkey
A. bruijnii Waigeo Brushturkey

Genus Talegalla viewedit
T. cuvieri Red-billed Brushturkey
T. fuscirostris Black-billed Brushturkey
T. jobiensis Collared Brushturkey

Genus Leipoa viewedit
L. ocellata Malleefowl

Genus Macrocephalon viewedit
M. maleo Maleo

Genus Eulipoa viewedit
E. wallacei Moluccan Megapode

Genus Megapodius viewedit
M. pritchardii Tongan Megapode
M. laperouse Micronesian Megapode
M. nicobariensis Nicobar Megapode
M. cumingii Philippine Megapode
M. bernsteinii Sula Megapode
M. tenimberensis Tanimbar Megapode
M. freycinet Dusky Megapode
M. geelvinkianus Biak Scrubfowl
M. forsteni Forsten's Megapode
M. eremita Melanesian Megapode
M. layardi Vanuatu Megapode
M. decollatus New Guinea Scrubfowl
M. reinwardt Orange-footed Scrubfowl


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