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Category:Pachycephalidae - BirdForum Opus

Family: Pachycephalidae


Whistlers and allies are found in from southeast Asia east to Australia and New Zealand. Most species occur in New Guinea.
Most species have a large rounded head. Their wings are short and broad and the rictal bristles are generally short. Many species have dull or drab colours in plumage, often with little patterning.
Many species of this family have a loud, whistling voice.


Pachycephalidae is a Family in the Order Passeriformes.

The Mohuas from New Zealand have been moved to this family recently but are now placed in their own family Mohouidae.
The species from the newly formed family Oreoicidae were also included here.
The Olive-flanked Whistler from Sulawesi has been included in this familiy in the past but is now moved to Hylocitreidae. The genus Pitohui has been moved to Oriolidae. Furthermore the genera Falcunculus is now placed in its own family Falcunculidae, Eulacestoma in Eulacestomatidae and Rhagologus in Rhagologidae.

Family Pachycephalidae viewedit

Genus Colluricincla viewedit
C. ferruginea Rusty Pitohui
C. incerta White-bellied Pitohui
C. megarhyncha Little Shrikethrush
C. tenebrosa Sooty Shrikethrush
C. woodwardi Sandstone Shrikethrush
C. harmonica Grey Shrikethrush
C. boweri Bower's Shrikethrush

Genus Melanorectes viewedit
M. nigrescens Black Pitohui

Genus Coracornis viewedit
C. sanghirensis Sangihe Whistler
C. raveni Maroon-backed Whistler

Genus Pachycephala viewedit
P. olivacea Olive Whistler
P. rufogularis Red-lored Whistler
P. inornata Gilbert's Whistler
P. nudigula Bare-throated Whistler
P. orpheus Fawn-breasted Whistler
P. schlegelii Regent Whistler
P. chlorura Vanuatu Whistler
P. meyeri Vogelkop Whistler
P. soror Sclater's Whistler
P. vitiensis Fiji Whistler
P. flavifrons Samoan Whistler
P. jacquinoti Tongan Whistler
P. caledonica New Caledonian Whistler
P. implicata Guadalcanal Hooded Whistler
P. richardsi Bougainville Hooded Whistler
P. citreogaster Bismarck Whistler
P. collaris Louisiade Whistler
P. vanikorensis Temotu Whistler
P. orioloides Oriole Whistler
P. feminina Rennell Whistler
P. fulvotincta Rusty-breasted Whistler
P. macrorhyncha Yellow-throated Whistler
P. mentalis Black-chinned Whistler
P. balim Baliem Whistler
P. pectoralis Golden Whistler
P. occidentalis Western Whistler
P. melanura Mangrove Golden Whistler
P. tenebrosa Morningbird
P. modesta Brown-backed Whistler
P. lorentzi Lorentz's Whistler
P. aurea Golden-backed Whistler
P. philippinensis Yellow-bellied Whistler
P. hypoxantha Bornean Whistler
P. sulfuriventer Sulphur-bellied Whistler
P. cinerea Mangrove Whistler
P. albiventris Green-backed Whistler
P. homeyeri White-vented Whistler
P. phaionota Island Whistler
P. hyperythra Rusty Whistler
P. simplex Grey Whistler
P. arctitorquis Wallacean Whistler
P. griseonota Drab Whistler
P. leucogastra White-bellied Whistler
P. monacha Black-headed Whistler
P. rufiventris Rufous Whistler
P. lanioides White-breasted Whistler


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