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Genus: Setophaga

[edit] Description

[edit] Taxonomy

Setophaga is a genus in the family Parulidae.
Most species of this genus were formerly placed in the genera Dendroica and Parula.

Genus Setophaga viewedit
S. plumbea Plumbeous Warbler
S. angelae Elfin-woods Warbler
S. pharetra Arrowhead Warbler
S. citrina Hooded Warbler
S. ruticilla American Redstart
S. kirtlandii Kirtland's Warbler
S. tigrina Cape May Warbler
S. cerulea Cerulean Warbler
S. americana Northern Parula
S. pitiayumi Tropical Parula
S. magnolia Magnolia Warbler
S. castanea Bay-breasted Warbler
S. fusca Blackburnian Warbler
S. petechia Yellow Warbler
S. pensylvanica Chestnut-sided Warbler
S. striata Blackpoll Warbler
S. caerulescens Black-throated Blue Warbler
S. palmarum Palm Warbler
S. pityophila Olive-capped Warbler
S. pinus Pine Warbler
S. coronata Yellow-rumped Warbler
S. dominica Yellow-throated Warbler
S. flavescens Bahama Warbler
S. vitellina Vitelline Warbler
S. discolor Prairie Warbler
S. adelaidae Adelaide's Warbler
S. subita Barbuda Warbler
S. delicata St. Lucia Warbler
S. graciae Grace's Warbler
S. nigrescens Black-throated Gray Warbler
S. townsendi Townsend's Warbler
S. occidentalis Hermit Warbler
S. chrysoparia Golden-cheeked Warbler
S. virens Black-throated Green Warbler


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