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A Common Babbler, a typical representive of this genus.  Photo: Rakesh
A Common Babbler, a typical representive of this genus. Photo: Rakesh

Genus: Turdoides

[edit] Description

This genus contains some 30 species, found in Africa, the Middle East and south Asia. They are often found in groups and occupy dry thorny open country from semi-desert with palm groves to open savanna and scrubby hillsides.
Turdoides-babblers have strong, point-tipped bills with both mandibles slightly decurved, short rictal bristles, firm short forehead feathering, a long tail and (with the exception of the Southern Pied-Babbler) pale or darker brown-grey backs and breast, sometimes with some streaking.

[edit] Taxonomy

Turdoides is a genus in the Family Leiothrichidae.
It was formerly included in the family Timaliidae.
The Spiny Babbler is sometimes placed in its own genus, Acanthoptila, but more study is needed to confirm this treatment. The same applies to the genus Argya which would include 11 species with longer, more graduated tails, longer slenderer bills and more rounded wings.

Genus Turdoides viewedit
T. nipalensis Spiny Babbler
T. altirostris Iraq Babbler
T. huttoni Afghan Babbler
T. caudata Common Babbler
T. earlei Striated Babbler
T. gularis White-throated Babbler
T. longirostris Slender-billed Babbler
T. malcolmi Large Grey Babbler
T. squamiceps Arabian Babbler
T. fulva Fulvous Babbler
T. aylmeri Scaly Chatterer
T. rubiginosa Rufous Chatterer
T. subrufa Rufous Babbler
T. striata Jungle Babbler
T. rufescens Orange-billed Babbler
T. affinis Yellow-billed Babbler
T. reinwardtii Blackcap Babbler
T. tenebrosa Dusky Babbler
T. sharpei Black-lored Babbler
T. hartlaubii Hartlaub's Babbler
T. melanops Black-faced Babbler
T. squamulata Scaly Babbler
T. leucopygia White-rumped Babbler
T. bicolor Southern Pied Babbler
T. hypoleuca Northern Pied Babbler
T. hindei Hinde's Babbler
T. leucocephala White-headed Babbler
T. plebejus Brown Babbler
T. jardineii Arrow-marked Babbler
T. gymnogenys Bare-cheeked Babbler

[edit] References

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