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Gilbert's Whistler

From Opus

Alternative names: Black-lored Whistler; Red-throated Whistler; Red-throated Thickbird

MalePhoto © by Peter Day Hawker South Australia July 2018
Photo © by Peter Day
Hawker South Australia July 2018
Pachycephala inornata


[edit] Identification

17 - 20.5cm

  • Brownish-grey upperparts (individual variation in colours in general)
  • Black lores and red eye
  • Deep orange upper breast and throat
  • Pale grey rest of breast and abdomen
  • Buff-white undertail-coverts

Females are uniform grey above and lighter grey below with a darker breast. Juveniles have a rufous-brown breast and upperparts.

FemalePhoto by Rose FletcherNangawooka Flora Reserve, Victor Harbor, South Australia, September 2007
Photo by Rose Fletcher
Nangawooka Flora Reserve, Victor Harbor, South Australia, September 2007

[edit] Similar species

Similar to Red-lored Whistler but note dark lores and missing orange abdomen.

[edit] Distribution

Southern parts of Australia.
Generally uncommon.

[edit] Taxonomy

Some sources recognize two subspecies (inornata and gilbertii), others think this is a monotypic species.
Sometimes placed in genus Timixos.

[edit] Habitat

Shrubby woodland and mallee.

[edit] Behaviour

[edit] Diet

Feeds mainly on insects, sometimes takes fruits and seeds.
Forages on or close to the ground. Beautiful song but very difficult to get close to.

[edit] Breeding

Breeding season from July to December. The nest is a deep cup made of dry grass, fine twigs and strips of bark strips. It's placed 0.4 - 6m above the ground in an upright fork of a small tree or shrub. Lays 2 -3 eggs.

[edit] Movements

Nomadic in some places, but movements poorly understood.

[edit] References

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