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Javan Munia

From Opus

MalePhoto  ©  by ammadouxBali , Indonesia, June, 2018
Photo © by ammadoux
Bali , Indonesia, June, 2018
Lonchura leucogastroides


[edit] Identification

10·11 cm (4-4¼ in)

  • Black forehead, face, throat and upper breast
  • Dark brown crown, nape and back
  • Black rump and upper tail-coverts
  • Buff underparts

[edit] Distribution

Photo © by ammadouxSanur beach, Bali, Indonesia, June 2018
Photo © by ammadoux
Sanur beach, Bali, Indonesia, June 2018

Java, Sumatra, Bali and Lombok.

[edit] Taxonomy

This is a monotypic species[1].

[edit] Habitat

Cultivated areas, including rice fields and neglected overgrown fields. Grassland at inland forest edges, and mangrove forest edges.

[edit] Behaviour

They forage on the grounds for grass, herb and rice seeds.

[edit] Breeding

Photo ©  by SeeTohLorong Halus, Singapore, September 2017
Photo © by SeeToh
Lorong Halus, Singapore, September 2017

They construct a nest from dried grass, leaves and stems, which is placed in trees or bushes. Their clutch contains 5-9 white eggs, which may be incubated by the female alone, or both adults sharing the duties. Incubation takes 13 days. The young are fed with regurgitated seeds. They fledge after 18-20 days. The young hang around the nest site with the parents for some time.

[edit] Vocalisation

Call: a soft prruitor tit; in alarm a louder call.

[edit] References

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