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Jerdon's Babbler

From Opus

Alternative names: Hume's Babbler; Sind Babbler (scindicum)

Chrysomma altirostre
Artwork by Pratim Das
Artwork by Pratim Das


[edit] Identification

17cm. A small babbler.

  • Plumage rich brown above, grey and buff below
  • Dark eye with inconspicuous greenish-yellow eye-ring
  • Grey lores and short supercilium with blackish shaft-streaks
  • Long, graduated tail
  • Stubby bill

[edit] Similar species

Similar in shape and general coloration to Yellow-eyed Babbler, but note the dark eye and less cleaner appearance.

[edit] Distribution

South Asia: Very patchily distributed in the Indus Plains of Pakistan, the Terai grassland of southern Nepal and northeast India and in the Irrawaday-Sittang river plain in Burma.
Has suffered from a massive habitat loss and is classified as vulnerable.

[edit] Taxonomy

Three subspecies recognized:

Previously placed in genus Moupinia.

[edit] Habitat

Extensive tall riverine grassland in lowlands.

[edit] Behaviour

Feeds on grasshoppers, beetles, ants and small seeds.
Forages by perching almost perdendicular to vertical stems, grasping base of leaf and rippping downwards to expose invertebrates.
Highly skulking. Usually in pairs or small groups of 3 - 6 birds.
Breeds in September in Pakistan, April and July in India. The nest is a neat frail cup made of dried reed leaves woven around several vertical stems in clump of vegetation. Lays 2 - 3 eggs.
Resident species.

[edit] References

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