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Roberts's Warbler - BirdForum Opus

Alternative Name: Briar Warbler, Roberts's Prinia

Photo by cossypha
Vumba Mountains, Zimbabwe
Oreophilais robertsi

Prinia robertsi


Length 14-15 cm, mass 7-12 g
Adult: A prinia-like warbler with olive-brown upper parts, slate-brown head and yellow eyes. The breast is greyish rufous, the belly is white and the flanks and vent rufous.
Juvenile: Similar to the adult, but with grey to brown eyes.

Similar species

The Tawny-flanked Prinia is paler and has a whitish eyebrow.


Eastern highlands (>1200 m) of Zimbabwe and adjacent Mozambique.


Some authorities[2][3][4] place this species in the genus Oreophilais and others[1][5] in Prinia.

This is a monotypic species.


Moist montane forest; in clearings, along streams and in bracken and brier thicket. Also in thick bush on rocky slopes and in thickets within timber plantations.


In small groups, in pairs or singly. Often forages with mixed-species flocks. Eats small invertebrates.


A noisy, shrill, harsh chattering cha-cha-cha-cha and a scolding zizz-zizz.


Monogamous and territorial. The oval nest has a side-top entrance and is built using fine grass, moss and spiders web. It is placed about a metre above the ground in a shrub or herb. Two to three eggs are laid September to February.


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