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Ruddy Pigeon

From Opus

Patagioenas subvinacea
Photo by Michael WMilpe Bird Sanctuary, NW Ecuador.
Photo by Michael W
Milpe Bird Sanctuary, NW Ecuador.


[edit] Identification

28 cm. Wine-purple in colour, becoming more rufous on the back. dark brown tail and primary flight feathers, black bill, and the legs are purple-red. Iris typically reddish. Amazonian populations sometimes with yellowish irides, but always appear dark from any distance due to their relatively distinct red eye-ring. The female is slightly duller and browner than the male, and the juvenile bird has a greyish brown head, neck and breast, with cinnamon or rufous scaling on the head and upperparts.

[edit] Distribution

Costa Rica through Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and central Brazil and also Venezuela and the Guianas.

[edit] Taxonomy

Eight subspecies recognized:

  • P. s. subvinacea:
  • P. s. berlepschi:
  • P. s. ruberrima:
  • P. s. zuliae:
  • P. s. peninsularis:
  • P. s. ogilviegranti:
  • P. s. purpureotincta:
  • P. s. recondita:
  • Central Amazonian Brazil, south of the Amazon

The subspecies bogotensis of Plumbeous Pigeon was formerly also placed in this species.
Ruddy Pigeon was in the past placed in genus Columba.

[edit] Habitat

Forests and semi-open woodland. In Central America in highlands2 (where the similar Short-billed Pigeon is found in lowlands); in South America mostly in lowlands3.

[edit] Behaviour

It builds a platform nest out of twigs 5 m high in a small tree, and lays 1 white egg.

The diet includes mistletoe, fruits and berries.

[edit] References

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