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Striped Woodpecker

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Photo © by Rodrigo ReyesPhoto taken: Patagonia, Chile, December 2006
Photo © by Rodrigo Reyes
Photo taken: Patagonia, Chile, December 2006
Veniliornis lignarius

Picoides lignarius


[edit] Identification

FemalePhoto © by Luis RMahuida Park. Santiago de Chile, 19 April 2019
Photo © by Luis R
Mahuida Park. Santiago de Chile, 19 April 2019

15–16 cm (6-6ΒΌ in)

  • Black forehead and crown
  • Some streaking on crown
  • Red (or reddish-orange) nape; lacking in the female
  • Whitish face with black stripe through the eye
  • Black and white bars on upperparts
  • White spots on wings and wing coverts
  • White under wing coverts
  • Yellowish underparts

[edit] Distribution

South America: found in the arid highlands of Bolivia to southern Chile and southern Argentina

[edit] Taxonomy

This is a monotypic species[1].

Recent results will place this species in genus Veniliornis instead of the traditional placement in Picoides.

[edit] Habitat

Male above, female belowPhoto © by Luis RRungue, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile, October 2018
Male above, female below
Photo © by Luis R
Rungue, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile, October 2018

Humid open forests, woodland and dense scrub.

[edit] Behaviour

[edit] Breeding

The nest is a tree hole, drilled out by their strong bill. The clutch consists of 3-4 white eggs.

[edit] Diet

Their diet is little recorded, but appears to consist almost entirely of insects and their larva.

[edit] References

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  2. Paper describing DNA based phylogeny of among others, this species
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