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Family Macrosphenidae viewedit

Genus Sylvietta viewedit
S. virens Green Crombec
S. denti Lemon-bellied Crombec
S. leucophrys White-browed Crombec
S. brachyura Northern Crombec
S. philippae Philippa's Crombec
S. ruficapilla Red-capped Crombec
S. whytii Red-faced Crombec
S. isabellina Somali Crombec
S. rufescens Long-billed Crombec

Genus Achaetops viewedit
A. pycnopygius Rockrunner

Genus Melocichla viewedit
M. mentalis Moustached Grass Warbler

Genus Sphenoeacus viewedit
S. afer Cape Grassbird

Genus Cryptillas viewedit
C. victorini Victorin's Warbler

Genus Macrosphenus viewedit
M. kempi Kemp's Longbill
M. flavicans Yellow Longbill
M. concolor Grey Longbill
M. pulitzeri Pulitzer's Longbill
M. kretschmeri Kretschmer's Longbill

Genus Graueria viewedit
G. vittata Grauer's Warbler

Genus Hylia viewedit
H. prasina Green Hylia

Genus Pholidornis viewedit
P. rushiae Tit-Hylia