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Family Passeridae viewedit

Genus Hypocryptadius viewedit
H. cinnamomeus Cinnamon Ibon

Genus Passer viewedit
P. ammodendri Saxaul Sparrow
P. domesticus House Sparrow
P. italiae Italian Sparrow
P. hispaniolensis Spanish Sparrow
P. pyrrhonotus Sind Sparrow
P. castanopterus Somali Sparrow
P. cinnamomeus Russet Sparrow
P. flaveolus Plain-backed Sparrow
P. moabiticus Dead Sea Sparrow
P. iagoensis Cape Verde Sparrow
P. hemileucus Abd al-Kuri Sparrow
P. insularis Socotra Sparrow
P. motitensis Great Sparrow
P. rufocinctus Kenya Sparrow
P. shelleyi Shelley's Sparrow
P. cordofanicus Kordofan Sparrow
P. melanurus Cape Sparrow
P. griseus Northern Grey-headed Sparrow
P. swainsonii Swainson's Sparrow
P. gongonensis Parrot-billed Sparrow
P. suahelicus Swahili Sparrow
P. diffusus Southern Grey-headed Sparrow
P. simplex Desert Sparrow
P. montanus Eurasian Tree Sparrow
P. luteus Sudan Golden Sparrow
P. euchlorus Arabian Golden Sparrow
P. eminibey Chestnut Sparrow

Genus Gymnoris viewedit
G. pyrgita Yellow-spotted Petronia
G. xanthocollis Chestnut-shouldered Petronia
G. superciliaris Yellow-throated Petronia
G. dentata Bush Petronia

Genus Petronia viewedit
P. petronia Rock Sparrow

Genus Carpospiza viewedit
C. brachydactyla Pale Rockfinch

Genus Montifringilla viewedit
M. nivalis White-winged Snowfinch
M. henrici Tibetan Snowfinch
M. adamsi Black-winged Snowfinch

Genus Onychostruthus viewedit
O. taczanowskii White-rumped Snowfinch

Genus Pyrgilauda viewedit
P. davidiana Pere David's Snowfinch
P. ruficollis Rufous-necked Snowfinch
P. blanfordi Blanford's Snowfinch
P. theresae Afghan Snowfinch